Show 'n' Tell #3

This is the spot where I show you mine and you can show me yours!

Each week, I'll post a picture of one of my treasures - those little things which may be worthless to anyone else, but to me they're absolutely priceless!

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Today I want to show you this funky hat ...

... which I love because it was hand made by my Mum. A few years ago she had a little studio, where she painted pictures and made all kinds of handcrafted things to sell. If you look closely, you can see the price tag still attached - I can't bring myself to take it off because it has Mum's handwriting on it.

Mum was always an individual, a creative soul and a free spirit. She tried her hand at many arts and crafts over the years and it had always been her dream to have her own business selling the things that she made. Sadly, it wasn't to be, maybe because she just wasn't practical enough ... but she never stopped dreaming.

Here are a couple of Mum's paintings, which I love because they bring back such happy memories of a day by the sea in Cornwall when my children were young ...

This one shows Tom and Joe paddling ... I love how the style is so simple and sketchy yet she managed to catch a real likeness of the boys. Here's the other one ...

... this one shows my brother's Dad, Winston, playing in the waves with Richard - such a vivid reminder of that day.

Tomorrow would have been Mum's 77th birthday. Happy Birthday Mum xxx

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ah Annie what a lovely reminiscing bit there ... lovely work by a very dear mum, love it all, Shaz in oz.x
Val-Belle said…
Annie... what a fabulous idea.... I am going to have to go through my treasures and I will play along for sure... Love the story behind the hat... will have to be later though because my grandbabies arrive today at 12... too much of excitement here :D <3
Kristin said…
Awe, that is so sweet!! I love the fact that you keep the tag on your hat. She must be there each time you put in on your head.
I love the idea too - that so cool.
Oh, and I agree about the hearts ;) xoxo
yyam said…
Your mum did lovely work! Love the hat and the paintings. Glad you have her handmade treasures to remember her by. :)