Saturday, 16 December 2017

December Daily Catch-up

Hello everyone,

Another catch-up on my December Daily - here are Days Eight, Nine and Ten ...

Day Eight is on the left - you can see a brochure about the Gousto Festive Box we just decided to splash out on for NYE celebrations with friends - the menu looks delish and it will be fun to spend time with my son Tom, making all the dishes from the recipes and ingredients they've put together.

Day Nine on the right - there's a picture of my finished pile of handmade Christmas cards - I made masses of them this year and will actually have some left over!!

Day Ten was a lovely day - we had lunch with my Uncle Ian and Aunt Sally, who made the most delicious meal for us. Sally has such a great sense of style - her Christmas decorations are gorgeous and she always sets a beautiful table.

And finally, I went back a few pages in and slotted in a selfie of John and me on the page I had set aside near the beginning of the book ...

I'm really enjoying making this book - I hope to improve my printing of photos now that I have invested in some better photo paper, and I will probably go back in and add more embellies later (I have SO many to use up after all) - but the bones are there.

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon!

Love Annie xxx

Friday, 15 December 2017

December Daily Catch-up

Hi there my lovely Bloggy Friends,

I've been keeping with my December Daily much better than I thought I would, but haven't had time to share them for a few days ... soooo .... here's Day Six ...

Our Veg Box was delivered and included a "sprout tree" - yum! My kind of Christmas Tree - one you can eat :o) This was the day I started to think about decorating the house - we don't do a lot, but there are a few special things I like to put out and I add to our little  collection every year. First to go up was the cute mini stocking crocheted by Nancy at GoGoGetaway - there was one for each of us on the day we made our December Daily books.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Very ExCSiting News!!!

Hello Arty-Farty Friends,

I am SO excited to reveal that I will be rejoining the happy and creative band of CSI Detectives starting in January!! :o)

CSI (ColorStoriesInspiration) has always been one of my fave challenges and I really enjoyed my time as a Detective before, so I was really happy when the lovely Debbi Tehrani invited me back on the team - I feel like I'm coming home!

There have been some changes since I last Cracked a Case - for one thing, there's a brilliant FaceBook page now, which is a great way to keep in touch with everything that's going on. One of the most exciting changes for me is that CSI has gone "Free Style" - which means that you can still be inspired by the Case File, but you have more freedom to solve the case your own way.

I've already made my first page ready for the Big Reveal on January 1st 2018 - I just couldn't wait to get started! Can't show you yet though, it's Top Secret :o)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon!

Love Annie xxx

Saturday, 9 December 2017

December Daily Tuesday 5th

Hi there Arty-Farty Friends,

Last page of my December Daily to share with you for now. Day Five was a Tuesday, so I was off work and played in my room for most of the day, making cards, finishing a festive miniature room box for a friend - and working on my December Daily of course :o)

I've included pictures from the mixed media workshop which my friend Trina and I actually went to last Tuesday - but as it was a very Christmassy project we were working on and we had such a lovely day, I wanted to remember it in my December Daily, so I just pretended it happened this Tuesday ...

These brilliant classes are run once a month by Di Oliver from Tando Creative and we always have a fabulous time. We take along a packed lunch, and Di provides everything else - packs of Tando laser-cut pieces to put together, loads of media, stamps and stencils to play with, hot drinks, and of course her expertise and creativity - we always learn new techniques and ideas. Di is on the left of the photo and Trina is in the middle. The other photo shows the beginnings of the snowy scene I was creating - I'll post pics when it's finished.

December Daily Monday 4th

Hello again Crafty Bloggers,

I'm keeping up with my December Daily, but still catching up on my posts so I have a couple more to share with you.

On Day Four, I was at work, so not a lot to add to my book, but I did finally strain and bottle the Slow Gin and my version of a Polish drink called Pigwowa, which was made with quinces from our garden. As an experiment, I cooked up the fruit afterwards, added spices and sugar and turned it into a jelly to have with cold meats and cheese ...

I've left the rest of the page blank to write my menus for the festive season and will probably clip in shopping lists and so on. The opposite page with the little pockets is meant to hold tiny pictures, but I had so much fun decorating them that I've decided to leave them as is for now :o)