Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Weirdly Wonky Selfie

Hi Everyone,

It's another beautiful bright Autumnal day here in Norfolk UK. When I've done a few little chores, I plan to play in my room for an hour or two, then I'll have a nice walk through the sunshine to spend some time with my son, and this evening I have a card-making jolly to look forward to - what a perfect day!! I hope you're having a good day wherever you are :o)

It took me several days to work through the lesson for week 41 of Life Book 2016, but it was a really enjoyable process and as always I tried out lots of new ideas. The wonderful Kristin Dudish showed us how to paint a multi-layered self portrait. Mine turned out very strangely I think, but I'm going to share it anyway as it's part of my LB journey ...

Hmmmmm .... yes .... definitely needs work!! :o) I'm glad I went with Kristin's suggestion to take a picture of the background before painting the portrait as I really liked this effect ...

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Tim Holtz Tags of 2016 - October AND August

Hello lovely Bloggy Friends,

Yesterday being the 1st of the month, I popped over to the Tim Holtz blog to check out the tutorial for this month's tag and I was extremely excited and surprised to see my name on the list of winners for September wooooHOOOOO!!! I really didn't expect to ever see my name there, I am SO chuffed!!!

Each month of 2016, Tim has been picking two tags at random from previous years and remixing the techniques to create new effects. The tutorials are always inspiring, full of tips and techniques, and I love the challenge of adapting to make use of whatever supplies I have on hand. Best of all, it doesn't take long to make a tag - this morning I made TWO :o)

Here's the first one, inspired by Tim's October tag ...

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

WOYWW #382

Hello fellow deskers and lovely peeples,

It's Tuesday evening and I'm scheduling this to post itself tomorrow morning as I will be at work by then - and hopefully the lovely Zsuzsa over at Inky Dinky Doodle will check in and link up for me, then I will catch up with everyone over the next few days. Thanks Zsuzsa :o)

If you would like to show us What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, just post a pic of said workdesk and link up over at Julia's Stamping Ground - or just pop in for a good old snout around some of the many crafty spaces around the world, it's fascinating and quite addictive!

My workdesk however is not at all fascinating this week, very little going on ...

You may recognise this as a GIANT box of Thorntons chocolates - but in fact it is empty, it was just salvaged for me by a friend who knew I would make good use of it, which indeed I will.

I did make this tag over the weekend, inspired by the Tim Holtz Tags of 2016 July edition, which is slightly more interesting ...

This year, Tim has been "remixing" two techniques from previous tags to create something new. This time, he used a resist technique with Micro Glaze (which I didn't have so I used matte medium) and created the title with the negative and positive parts of diecut words, which was a fun idea. I'm nearly caught up now, just May and August to finish before the next one is posted on Saturday. It really does get you using that stash of supplies and making the most of what you have squirrelled away!

Well I'm off to get a sensible early night now, thanks so much for popping in today and I will catch up with you over the next couple of days to see what you've been up to - see you at Julia's! :o)

Annie xxx

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Beautiful Boundaries

Hello Bloggy Peeps out there!

We just got home from our little holiday and as always, it's lovely to go away, but it's great to be home :o)

Buckinghamshire is beautiful, and full of National Trust places to visit, so we made very good use of our NT membership this week. We went to Stowe, Claydon, Waddesdon, Wimpole, Hughendon and the old courthouse at Long Crendon. Each one fascinating its own unique way - I love how these places are like windows through which we can peek at the people who lived in the past. When I was a kid, I spent many happy days visiting places like Ham House and Hampton Court Palace with my beloved Gran, it really brought history to life for me.

As a huge bonus, many NT places now have second-hand bookshops, and look what I got for only three quid ...

We also visited Bletchley Park on the way - the home of the "Code Breakers" during WWII - absolutely fascinating, well worth a visit if you get the chance. Click here for a short film about it on the BBC History site.

We stayed at The Bell in Aston Clinton, a lovely quirky old inn, clean and comfortable, with efficient service and a FABulous restaurant, in which we overindulged every single night of our stay. Thoroughly recommended!


In between day trips and dinners, I found time for a little creative scribbling in the sketchbook I took with me. All the wonderful architecture and art we had seen was very inspiring and my head is bursting with ideas to try out in my art journal. I made a page for week 38 of Life Book 2016 - this was a bonus lesson with the amazing Melody Ross, in which she encouraged us to think about our boundaries and look after our "soul house" ...

The house is me, and the areas in the picture represent the boundaries I have set to keep myself safe - so for example, the people who are most important to me and make me happy are within my garden, protected by the picket fence, whereas those who only bring negativity into my life are banished to outerspace - they're still there, I'm aware of them, but they can't touch me - brilliant!! :o) Melody printed her journalling on strips of paper, which she glued over the picture, but in my limited hotel room situation, I decided to write directly onto the page with a Micron pen and I quite like the interesting texture it gives.

I also started working on some fancy lettering which I've been meaning to try for a while ...

... the decoration of each letter was inspired by a word or words beginning with that letter, such as A for Abacus and J for Jester. It was very enjoyable, and hopefully with practice I will get a bit braver with lettering on my artwork.

Well, time to stop waffling on and get back to the real world! I have a couple of chores to catch up on, then maybe I will have time to play later ...

Thanks for popping in today, have a happy and creative day :o)

Annie xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Smile And The World Smiles With You

Hello lovely Bloggy Friends,

For week 37 of Life Book 2016, we had a lesson with the talented Angela Kennedy and I loved it. Firstly, Angela showed us how to create subtle texture for the background, then we sketched out a face and figure, filled in blocks of colour with matt acrylic paint and then added detail and shading with coloured pencils.

Here's how mine turned out - a smiley one for a change!

Angela started the background with white gesso, then brushed in a touch of black and whilst it was still wet she used a fan brush to make circles - I love how they look almost like bubbles in the air! In fact, I liked the effect so much that I decided not to add any more detail to my background ...