Thursday, 16 August 2018

CSI #260 - Family Gathering

Hi there,

There's a new Case File just opened over at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration and we have another beautiful Scene to investigate ...

Pop over to the CSI blog post and scroll to the bottom to find a full list of clues to follow, or just pull your own ideas from the inspiration image. Check out all the different amazing pages by the rest of the CSI Detectives and Guest Detectives for lots of ideas to get you going.

I always enjoy following the clues which Debbi has pulled from the Scene, so that's what I did. Here's how it worked out ...

The Scheme: all the colours are there.
The Evidence: gold, glitter, twine, floral pattern, people embellishment (hand-cut paper dolls).
The Testimony: my journaling is written all around the edge of the page and tells the story of a family day out during a recent holiday to Cornwall.

Why not have a go at cracking this case yourself and be in with a chance of winning one of the fab prizes? Check out the Face Book page for more inspiration. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon :o)

Love Annie xxx

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Painted Faces

Hello everyone,

The temperature has dropped a bit and we've had a good rain here in my part of the UK, but today it's blue skies and sunshine again, which is wonderful. I've been up since 3am, unable to sleep, so my chores are done and I have more time to play :o)

I'm still loving Art Journal Summer School, it's encouraging me to play in my art journal every day, even if only for a little time. This week my favourite page was this one, following a lession with Marieke Blokland, the host of AJSS, who showed us how she creates her "dolls" ...

Marieke also showed us how to add a fantastical fairytale background, inspired by a photo of a castle or other building we've seen on our travels. My background is drawn from the view I see from my window every day (we live in a cottage in the grounds of an old Hall). I stood in the kitchen doorway as it was getting dark one evening, and made a ten minute sketch, just to capture the feel of it.

These next two were inspired by a class with Andrea Gomoll, who encouraged us to "Go with the Flow". Andrea worked quickly and freely and I loved her painting - full of vibrant, transparent colours and lots of movement.

First, we added watercolour paint to wet paper and allowed it to do its thing, before drawing our picture over the top with water soluble pencil and activating it with a water brush to create shading. We added more colour here and there with water soluble crayons, and used fineliners and paint pens to add detail.

I wasn't happy with mine and couldn't leave it alone, kept twiddling and adding stuff and it just got all stiff and overworked. That was my second attempt, the first attempt I can hardly stand to look at, but I'll share it with you anyway, click here if you really want to see it ...

Friday, 10 August 2018

Freebie Friday #4 - Beautiful Butterflies

Hi there!

Welcome to another Freebie Friday, when I show you what I made with one of those free cover gifts you get on the front of crafty magazines.

This time, I'm using a beautiful butterfly-themed kit from Crafts Beautiful Magazine. The kit included card blanks and die cuts as well as a gorgeous layering stamp set which I really enjoyed playing with. Here are some of the cards I made ...

And here's a short (12 minute-ish) YT video - check it out if you would like to see how I got on ...

And finally, a closer look at some of those cards ...

Friday, 3 August 2018

AJSS - Taking the Scenic Route


Last week in Art Journal Summer School, Nathalie Kalbach encouraged us to create an art journal page inspired by a photo scavenger hunt, with each photo providing inspiration for a different element of the piece - colour, texture, lines, pattern, shapes, and words.

Here's my finished page ...

My photos were all taken in and around our own house and garden. Here they are if you would like to see them ...

Thursday, 2 August 2018

AJSS Week Three - Parking Lot


Last week in Art Journal Summer School, Marieke challenged us to be inspired by the Parking Lot .... or by something that you wouldn't usually take pictures of when you are on holiday or visiting a new place.

I decided to create a page inspired by one of those billboards, where you can see layers and layers of old posters, which have been torn off and replaced over and over again, resulting in a fascinating accumulation of textures and colours, with lots of fragmented words in different fonts ...

These kinds of billboards have caught my eye many times, but I have never thought to take a photo, so I didn't have a reference. However, luckily for me, many other people have clearly had the same response, taken a picture and posted it online, so I was able to print off some images to give me some ideas.

I sketched the rough shapes and words in pencil, then used NeocolorII crayons to add colour, then went back in with a black Inktense pencil and white Aquarelle pencil to add definition and highlights, and finished off with some scribbling using my bog standard propelling pencil.

This is a theme I would like to come back to, when I have more time to play :o)

Thanks for checking out my blog today, see you again soon!

Love Annie xxx