Friday, 30 October 2015

My First Quirky Bird

Hey everyone,

After seeing some of the wonderful artworks Zsuzsa has been making over at Inky Dinky Doodle, I have just signed up for LifeBook 2016 with Tamara Laporte at Willowing.

I decided to treat myself to a couple of the extra lessons as a bit of a warm up before LB proper starts in January - the Quirky Birds were just irresistible and I couldn't wait to have a go!

Tam's videos are brilliant, it just feels like you're sat in her studio watching her work, and she makes it all feel so easy and fun. Here's my first cute little birdie ...

We used stencils to build up layers for the background, added a coat of clear gesso, then sketched straight on to the page and used all kinds of media to add colour, details and "quirk" as Tam calls it!

There's a free taster lesson if you fancy trying it out - there's an intro to LifeBook and a really good tutorial which shows a fun technique I can't wait to try next ...

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Beach Bum!

Hi everyone,

The other day I got together with my good friend Trina for a little scrapping session. I took along my Quirky Kit and basic supplies only - sometimes I am overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of stash I have at home, so it is refreshing to work with a kit and only the kit and no temptation to add a bit of this or that!

Here's my page, showing a photo of one of my son Richard playing at the beach nearly thirty years ago now!!!

This is a very subtle colour palette for me, but I think it really suits the picture and the touch of gold gives it a bit of punch. I used one of the sketches which came with the kit and all I added was ink, washi and a scrap of twine. Oh and the BUM letters were from a previous Quirky Kit.

I have loads more to use - next I may do a couple of pocket pages to go with this as I have more pictures of the same day out.

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2015

CSI Case File #180

Hi Everyone,

It's time to reveal the last CSI Case File for October and it's a beauty!

CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration has always been one of my favourite challenge sites, so when the lovely Debbi Tehrani asked me to sponsor CSI for October, I was delighted to oblige. Debbi also invited the ArtyFarty DT to be Guest Detectives for the month, and we've had a great time cracking all the October Case Files.

Here's Case File #180 ...
From this sweet little image, Debbi has pulled the colour scheme, ideas for journaling prompts and inspiration for design elements (color, stories, inspiration!). To solve the case, you need to make a scrapbook page using all five colours in the Scheme, at least three pieces of Evidence and at least one from Testimony.

All four ArtyFarty detectives solved the case this week. First up is Trina, with this fun-filled page showing her niece Lauren blowing out her birthday candles ...

I love the composition of this page, with the bunting and balloons and the sweet little book Trina made all tied up with twine, and she's used photo corners from the Georgie stamp set to frame her picture. But how did she crack the case???

  • Scheme: check
  • Evidence: polka dots, plaid, banner, scallops, doilies, decorative borders
  • Testimony: the journalling is written inside the little book

Next up is something completely different - our first ever digi page!! This one was designed by my son Tom, and I must say that watching him put it together was a revelation to me - the things you can do with a pooter when you know how! Lots of ideas in the pipeline - watch this space :o)

Tom's page is about our dear old funny old cat Archie. Sadly, he's no longer with us, but we have many fond memories of him, and this is one of them ...

I really like this simple composition, the different textures and the beautiful background. Tom didn't use any digi kits, he just manipulated images from the internet - and also used several elements from the Georgie stamp set, such as the cute eyeglasses perched on Archie's nose. I love how his little feet are reaching over the polaroid frame. So, what clues did Tom follow??

  • Scheme: check
  • Evidence: polka dots, plaid, banner, eyeglasses, book pages (background texture), watercolour
  • Testimony: journaling is written in the little book

Amanda's page features a rather scary picture of her son Daniel - very appropriate as we are approaching Hallowe'en, although apparently this wasn't Hallowe'en at all!

I love how there are so many fun details to find on this page -  and lots of little clues to the story behind it, like the doodling around the words on the book pages. What a clever idea to incorporate the Case File clues into the journaling. And I really like the splashes of "blood" to finish it off!

  • Scheme; check
  • Evidence: polka dots, plaid, doily, scallops, book pages, metal
  • Testimony: journaling written as a table of contents, IW "Cozy"!

And finally, here's my page, showing a picture of Tom on his 30th birthday, with my DH John ...

This was my favourite of the October Case Files and I had loads of fun with it as you can see! You know that thing where you've pulled out loads of stash for a page and you kind of get carried away and want to use ALL of it? That's what happened here! But did I solve the case???

  • Scheme: check
  • Evidence: polka dots, clouds, banner, metal, book pages, decorative border, doily, scallops
  • Testimony: my journalling is written inside the little green book tucked behind the photo

We had a great time playing over at CSI this month - why not have a go at a couple of case files yourself? When you're done, post your page in the gallery and you could even win one of the wonderful prizes on offer. You have until 13th November to solve this one - click here to see how the CSI Detectives did it.

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Georgie Gets a Hallowe'en Makeover!

Hi Everyone,

Over the last couple of weeks, my son Tom (see DT pic on the RH side bar) has been introducing me to the wonders of Adobe Photoshop and it's opened up a whole world of possibilities!

We thought it would be fun to create a Hallowe'en costume to go with my Georgie stamp set, so we've put together a PDF featuring two different colour combinations ...

The PDF is free to download here if you would like to spookify your own Georgie. Here's the page I made in my art journal ...

I had inky fingers for two days afterwards but I had SO much fun !!

My next project is going to be a Hallowe'en banner - stamp Georgie several times, add the halloween cut-outs, do a bit of colouring-in, string them all together and presto!

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

WOYWW #333

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself this week and writing tomorrow's WOYWW today! I should just have time to post this in the morning and then pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground for a quick snoop around some other crafty desks to see what everyone else has been up to this week. If you would like to join us, just jump in, we're a very friendly bunch :o)

Here's what's on my desk this rather dark and chilly Tuesday evening ...

I have three pocket letters to catch up on, so I've gone "shopping" in my stash and filled the basket with goodies for the first one I plan to make tomorrow morning.

To the left of that are some treasures which I found in our local hardware shop - three reels of different types of twine; some grout in powder form which I am hoping to use to make a cheaper alternative to texture paste; and a couple of pots of dye. Each of these items only cost around two quid - what a bargain!!

The dye is for trying out an idea I got from Julie Campbell at Big Picture Classes, where she dip-dyed watercolour paper, wood veneer pieces, ribbons and all sorts to create a funky set of notelets. I'm thinking I could adapt the idea to make my next pocket letter maybe .... but we'll see how it goes, you know that thing where it always looks SO easy when the expert does it???? IRL I will likely end up with very interesting patterns on my fingers, the carpet and my shirt - and a bin full of rainbow-coloured failures, but hey, it will be fun trying ....

Anyway, right now it's time for bed - I have a busy but fun day ahead of me tomorrow! See you over at Julia's Stamping Ground for a fascinating peek into other people's crafty worlds!

Thanks for popping in today :o)

Annie xxx

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

WOYWW #332

Hello Everyone,

It's a lovely bright autumnal day here, I hope you're having a great day wherever you are :o)

It's also Wednesday again, so it's time to share my workdesk with the world by linking up over at Julia's Stamping Ground where I can have a good old snout around other people's creative spaces over a nice cup of coffee. Here's mine this morning ...

It looks like not a lot is going on there .... that's because there's not a lot going on! This is how I left it on Friday evening after I'd finished making the "Gatefold Shutter Card" I mentioned last WOYWW and I haven't had chance to get back in there since then. I did at least crack the gatefold shutter thingy though and it was great fun to make. Here are a couple of pics ...

Saturday, 10 October 2015

CSI Case File #179

Hi Everyone,

Arty Farty Annie is sponsoring CSI during October, so the Arty Farty Designers were invited to be Guest Detectives this month - it's all very exciting!! :o)

CSI stands for Color Stories Inspiration and it's one of my most favourite challenge sites.
Here's Case File 179 ...

Debbi Tehrani has found this beautiful Scene for us to investigate this week - from this she's pulled a gorgeous colour scheme, as well as loads of ideas for design elements and journaling prompts. In order to solve the case, you need to make a scrapbook page using all the colours in the Scheme, three items from the Evidence list and at least one piece of Testimony.

Here's how we cracked this Case ...

Amanda Reynolds
Amanda has made a really pretty page to showcase this wonderful photograph of her beautiful Grandmother. But did she follow all the clues????
  • Scheme: yup
  • Evidence: flowers, envelope, ribbon, buttons, stitching
  • Testimony: journaling is inside the envelope
Trina Eve
Trina made this lovely layered page about her penfriend from many years ago. And the clues???
  • Scheme: yup
  • Evidence: envelopes, badge, stamps, stitching
  • Testimony: document a childhood memory, write a letter, put journaling in an envelope.
And finally, here's mine, which is all about a happy sunshiney walk with my son last Christmas. I love how you can see my husband's shadow, so he is in the picture too!

Annie Claxton
  • Scheme: yup
  • Evidence: flowers, string, envelope, animals, buttons, labels, stitching, washi
  • Testimony: journaling is inside the envelope labelled "dreams" and tucked behind the photo.
Thanks for visiting today. Pop over to CSI to see how everyone else cracked the case - and why not have a go yourself? There are loads of fab prizes to be won :o)

See you again soon,

Annie xxx

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Hi Everyone,

It's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, I have my craft room back (BHS* found a lovely place of his own) and a free morning ... guess what I'm going to be doing?! WooHOOO!! Cutting and sticking time :o)

We are going to a Ruby Wedding Anniversary party on Saturday, so I want to make a special card. After a good old trawl through YT, I was very taken with the idea of a "gatefold shutter card", so I've decided to have a go at that this morning. Here are some of the bits and bobs I plan to use ...

It looks really simple yet impressive in the YT tutorials - so watch this space ...

Ok, I'm off to Julia's Stamping Ground to link up and see what everyone else is up to this week. If you haven't been before, you should check it out - just have a nosey at other people's workdesks or join us and link up with a picture of your own creative space. Just grab a cuppa and I'll see you there :o)

Thanks for visiting today, see you again soon

Annie xxx

ps For those who asked last time I mentioned "BHS" - it stands for "Big Hairy Son"! 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Arty Farty Guest Detectives Solve Their First Case File!

Hi Everyone,

Case File #178 just went live over at CSI (Color Stories Inspiration) ...

This intriguing Case File was put together by CSI mastermind Debbi Tehrani, who pulled colours, journaling prompts and ideas for design elements from The Scene. It also includes a fabulous sketch from the talented Em Stafrace from The Nifty Pixel

In order to solve the case, CSI Detectives must make a scrapbook page using the Sketch, all five colours in The Scheme, at least 3 items of Evidence and at least one piece of Testimony.

As Arty Farty is sponsoring CSI this month, the brand new Arty Farty Design Team were invited to be Guest Detectives for October. Here's how we solved the case ...

I love Trina's page, it's really captured a sense of adventure and the fun of riding on the trams. The embellishments she's chosen fit the theme perfectly and she's used inking and stamping to add interest to the background. Here's how she solved the case ...
  • Sketch: Check
  • Scheme: Check
  • Evidence: Camera, filmstrip, arrows, stamps,metal and word stickers
  • Testimony: Document a favourite photo, IW adventure, smile.
I love how Amanda divided and arranged her photos and used the photo corners to frame the main picture. The way she's put her journaling in the typewriter is so clever and looks great with that vintage stamp. Here's how she solved the case ...
  • Sketch: Check
  • Colours: Check
  • Evidence: Typewriter, filmstrip, polaroids, word stickers, stamps, metal, stripes
  • Testimony: Favourite photo, typewriter font
I've gone for a holiday picture - this is a picture of me inside a fountain in Amsterdam, which I thought was highly entertaining! I had so much fun that day and this photo brings it all back to me. 
Here's how I solved the case ...

  • Sketch: Check
  • Scheme: Check
  • Evidence: Filmstrip, metal, globe, flair badges, stamps, word sticker
  • Testimony: Favourite photo, selfie, typewriter font

We all used our Georgie Stamp Sets somewhere on our pages - the photo corners were stamped onto patterned paper and cut out, the stitching elements were used to frame and add texture to mine and Trina's pages and I used the heart from the set to create my bottlecap embellishment.

Arty Farty is sponsoring a prize over at CSI this month - a little bundle of fun, including a Georgie Stamp Set ...

It's open internationally, and there are lots of other prizes to be won. Just solve at least one of the Case Files for October and post it in the Gallery to be in with a chance of winning a prize. This one is a Major Case File, so it will stay open for the whole month. 

For inspiration, ideas and more information, head over to CSI where you can see how all the other CSI Detectives solved this case. See you there!

Thanks for popping in today. :o)

Annie xxx

CSI Case File #178

Hi Everyone,

It's all very exciting! This month Arty Farty Annie is very proud to be sponsoring CSI Color Stories Inspiration - one of my very favourite challenge sites. As well as lots of other prizes, there is a chance to win this little Arty Farty parcel which I am happy to post to anywhere in the world ...

The prize includes a Georgie Stamp Set, an acrylic stamp block, a BoBunny 6" paper pad, an A4 sheet of chipboard, an A4 sheet of shrink plastic, three Stampbord pieces, five blank bottlecaps, a sheet of clear dome stickers, a mini canvas and a blank jigsaw puzzle. Lots of fun to play with :o)

As well as heaps of prizes, you'll also find loads of inspiration over at CSI. Here's the first Case File for October ...

CSI mastermind Debbi Tehrani has put together another intriguing Case File to inspire us. From the Scene, she has pulled the colour scheme, ideas for design elements and journalling prompts. There is also a fabulous sketch from Em Stafrace at The Nifty Pixel. Use these clues to solve the case by making a scrapbook page using the sketch, all five colours in the Scheme, at least two items of Evidence and at least one piece of Testimony.

Then just post your page over at CSI and you'll be in with a chance of winning one of those lovely prizes. As this is the Major Case File for October, you have a whole month to complete your mission too!

For more details and inspiration, pop over to CSI and see how all the talented CSI Detectives solved the case - featuring the brand new Arty Farty Design Team as Guest Detectives - see you there! :o)

Annie xxx