WOYWW #333

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself this week and writing tomorrow's WOYWW today! I should just have time to post this in the morning and then pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground for a quick snoop around some other crafty desks to see what everyone else has been up to this week. If you would like to join us, just jump in, we're a very friendly bunch :o)

Here's what's on my desk this rather dark and chilly Tuesday evening ...

I have three pocket letters to catch up on, so I've gone "shopping" in my stash and filled the basket with goodies for the first one I plan to make tomorrow morning.

To the left of that are some treasures which I found in our local hardware shop - three reels of different types of twine; some grout in powder form which I am hoping to use to make a cheaper alternative to texture paste; and a couple of pots of dye. Each of these items only cost around two quid - what a bargain!!

The dye is for trying out an idea I got from Julie Campbell at Big Picture Classes, where she dip-dyed watercolour paper, wood veneer pieces, ribbons and all sorts to create a funky set of notelets. I'm thinking I could adapt the idea to make my next pocket letter maybe .... but we'll see how it goes, you know that thing where it always looks SO easy when the expert does it???? IRL I will likely end up with very interesting patterns on my fingers, the carpet and my shirt - and a bin full of rainbow-coloured failures, but hey, it will be fun trying ....

Anyway, right now it's time for bed - I have a busy but fun day ahead of me tomorrow! See you over at Julia's Stamping Ground for a fascinating peek into other people's crafty worlds!

Thanks for popping in today :o)

Annie xxx


Some great finds, Annie! You're brimming with ideas! I use the extra fine pollyfiller for texture paste, in case you find the grout is too coarse. I've never tried the powdered one - let me know how you get on with it. Just giving you the heads-up in case you missed it: Tam has released a free taster lesson from LB2015. It's the one that teaches you the paint-over-collage technique, so you may be interested. Let's see if I can link it in for you: http://www.willowing.org/2015/10/19/free-life-book-taster-yay/ Have fun for the rest of the week!
Lizzy Hill said…
Good luck with the new technique. I have a fuse tool & saw lovely filled stars made with a steel star. Looked easy. NOT!!! I perservered....but don't think I'll be doing it again! Hopefully you'll ROCK yours!!!
Lunch Lady Jan said…
If I try anything like dip dyeing, everything gets covered from the cat to my family....even if they haven't been in the vicinity. It works with flour too..... :-)
Have fun playing!!
Hugs, LLJ 14 xxx
Lisca said…
Hardware shops are treasure troves sometimes. Dip dying.... I think I tried it last in the seventies! Let us know how you get on. I'd be very interested to see the result.
Have a great week,
Hardware shops are brilliant and often stock stuff which is not much different from some of the craft products just a lot cheaper.
Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 24
sandra de said…
Can't wait to see what you create with the hardware store finds. Great idea to search around and use alternative products for projects. Have a lovely week.
sandra de @28
Sofie V said…
Have fun trying the new technique!

Greetings, Sofie #56
Val-Belle said…
Cant wait to see what you create with all this stuff. I am so not adventurous with this stuff... I am so intrigued by the pocket letters and would love to give them a go but I reckon at the moment it will be a waste of time with our postal service...they are so shite. :( one day maybe. HAve fun Annie