CSI Case File #179

Hi Everyone,

Arty Farty Annie is sponsoring CSI during October, so the Arty Farty Designers were invited to be Guest Detectives this month - it's all very exciting!! :o)

CSI stands for Color Stories Inspiration and it's one of my most favourite challenge sites.
Here's Case File 179 ...

Debbi Tehrani has found this beautiful Scene for us to investigate this week - from this she's pulled a gorgeous colour scheme, as well as loads of ideas for design elements and journaling prompts. In order to solve the case, you need to make a scrapbook page using all the colours in the Scheme, three items from the Evidence list and at least one piece of Testimony.

Here's how we cracked this Case ...

Amanda Reynolds
Amanda has made a really pretty page to showcase this wonderful photograph of her beautiful Grandmother. But did she follow all the clues????
  • Scheme: yup
  • Evidence: flowers, envelope, ribbon, buttons, stitching
  • Testimony: journaling is inside the envelope
Trina Eve
Trina made this lovely layered page about her penfriend from many years ago. And the clues???
  • Scheme: yup
  • Evidence: envelopes, badge, stamps, stitching
  • Testimony: document a childhood memory, write a letter, put journaling in an envelope.
And finally, here's mine, which is all about a happy sunshiney walk with my son last Christmas. I love how you can see my husband's shadow, so he is in the picture too!

Annie Claxton
  • Scheme: yup
  • Evidence: flowers, string, envelope, animals, buttons, labels, stitching, washi
  • Testimony: journaling is inside the envelope labelled "dreams" and tucked behind the photo.
Thanks for visiting today. Pop over to CSI to see how everyone else cracked the case - and why not have a go yourself? There are loads of fab prizes to be won :o)

See you again soon,

Annie xxx


It's always interesting to see the different interpretations on the same project. All three layouts are lovely and unique in their own way. You've over achived the challenge, Annie, with 8! pieces of evidence!