Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sage and Sepia

Week Six of Summer of Color 2013 - the last one and I'm really really late but I think I can still link up over at Twinkle Twinkle

This time the lovely Kristin challenged us with Sage and Sepia. I had no idea what I was going to do when I sat down at my desk, other than another page in my fledgling art journal. I dug out some coloured pencils I've had for years and years and started scribbling. This is what came out - another mournful self portrait :o( oh dear!

This always seems to happen when I'm working with a colour combination which I find especially difficult, not sure why, very odd - like the week we had Pale Pink and Charcoal Grey and this sad little me emerged

... obviously several decades younger!!!

I'm much happier working with the brighter, more vibrant colours. Here are the other 4 weeks' pages ...

It's been a brilliant six weeks for me and the best thing is that I've finally started my art journal and realised that it doesn't have to be perfect or a work of art, I just have to wade and play, experiment, learn and most of all have fun!!!
Thanks Kristin - see you for Summer of Color 2014 :o)xxx


In case you're thinking "What is she on about now!?" - it's Wednesday, so it's time for show 'n' tell ...
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
If you pop over to see Julia at Stamping Ground you can have a nosey at other people's workdesks all over the world and you can link up to your own as well - it's great fun and highly addictive and I never get to spend as much time on the noseying part as I would like! Anyway, here's mine this morning ...

... bit of a jumbly heap, but it has been productive so that's ok. I finally caught up on the last week of Summer of Colour 2013 (only 2 weeks late ... maybe 3). The colours were Sage and Sepia - not my favourite of the colour combo's Kristin challenged us with, but I quite enjoyed myself once I got going ...

Not quite finished yet, because I haven't quite decided what I'm thinking about .... hmmmm .... strangely enough, I ended up with a mournful kind of self portrait last time I was working with a combo I wasn't keen on - how peculiar.
Off to the right hand side you can see what I got in the post - wooHOO!!! my gorgeous pack of ribbons from Alicia at Scrapbook Fantasies all the way from Australia.

Alicia designed this pack especially for my Grand Opening Giveaway to celebrate my new creative space - I asked for a rainbow and she made me one! I bought one as a prize, then Alicia donated an extra one so there were two winners, then I couldn't resist ordering one just for me - well, it would be rude not to!

Also at the top of this photo you can see part of a scrapbook page I made for Scrapbook Magazine - it went in the issue before this one and I was in a panic because it hadn't been sent back (and I stupidly used original photos of my kids on it - I don't have the negs any more and hadn't even scanned them or anything) - SUCH a relief to get them back. PHEW!!!

Ok. time to stop rambling and pop over to Julia's to see what everyone else has been up to ...

Thanks for visiting, see you again soon

Annie :o)xxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Capture the Moment

Case File #82 over at CSI this week was right up my alley - bright colours, lots of fun - here it is (click on the image to enlarge it)

As always, Debbi Tehrani, CSI Mastermind, has found an intriguing Scene for us to investigate - in order to solve the case, you have to create a page using the following clues

All five colours in the Scheme
At least two pieces of Evidence
At least one piece of Testimony

To help you along, there is also a new set of CSI Coordinates for every Case File, designed by the lovely Michele Singh.

Here is how I solved the Case - the pictures show two of my scrappy mates our our wedding in 2011 - again you can click on the image to enlarge it if you want to

The Scheme: I used all five colours, plus pops of black
The Evidence: hearts; doodling; funky scallops; wet medium; cursive lettering
The Testimony: My journaling is handwritten in cursive lettering and it was kicked off by the IW "playful, fun"
It reads as follows; "Trina and Julie being silly for Mr. M. Hatter photographer extraordinaire! At our wedding picnic. I love how they were already planning to scrap it! ..."

I also used this fab sketch by Emma Stafrace at Page Maps

Here are some close ups so you can check that I have followed all the clues!

Thanks for popping in - don't forget to check out the amazing gallery over at CSI

Cheerio for now
Annie :o)xxx

Little Fishes and the Roaring Twenties!

What does FISH and the ROARING TWENTIES have in common you may well ask?! The answer is ...

This week the theme is Fish - here's my take on it (yes, somehow my mind has turned to food again)

I made the "tin" out of metallic cardstock, finishing it with a key pull from a real tin with some old string looped though it. Then I created the little fishes out of scrap photo paper coloured with alcohol ink and permanent marker pens - fun but messy!

I also made my very overdue tag for last week's theme - "The Roaring Twenties"

It's resting on one of my lovely old books - I reckon that knitted coathanger cover would be bang-on trend again now - anyway, this was just a lot of cuttin and stickin with paper scraps, finished with some beads, a flower and a piece of translucent ribbon which I thought was reminiscent of the silk stockings these lovely ladies would have worn. Here's a close up of the pretty bit
Thanks for looking at my tags - pop over to Tag Tuesday to check out what everyone else came up with - it's always full of surprises and inspiration!


Well I'm only two days late - but these pictures really WERE taken on Wednesday morning - I just haven't had chance to post them! this summer is busy busy busy and hot hot hot and I've realised this week that I've bitten off more than I have time to chew properly!

So, if you don't know what on earth WOYWW means, check it out over at Julia's blog The Stamping Ground - it's totally addictive snouting around other people's workdesks and you can even link up your own!
We may be late to the party, but there's always next week ...

Here was mine on Wednesday morning

What you see above is a HUGE pile of good intentions ...

On the far left is last week's page in the art journal I'm making for SOC - this was Candy Apple Red and
Yellow - but I missed this week's combo, the LAST ONE, Sage Green and Sepia, because there was just too much else going on. But never mind, I'll catch up :o)

Here you can see the beginnings of a Smash Book - I was doing this for FYV, along with an altered board book - both these have had to go onto the back burner too ... but I WILL catch up!

On the right of the picture above is a stack of cards my husband was given for his birthday - some of them were hilarious and there was a definite cake/beer the me going on ....  last weekend we threw him a party with a Cajun theme and a fabulous time was had by all. I spent days cooking up Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie and File Gumbo, as well as three kinds of American Pie for pudding, but still I felt bad that I didn't make him a home made card this year, so I've promised to make all of his cards into a mini book with some photos of the day/evening ...

Above the Smash book is this little pile of Papermania goodies, which were my free gift for subscribing to Scrap365 - actually I've bought the magazine since it first came out and finally subscribed back in January. I also subscribe to Scrapbook Magazine - I find these two such brilliant sources of inspiration and ideas that I just HAVE to get both! Scrap365 feels more artsy to me, but SBM is more scrappy if you know what I mean ... maybe that's just me :o) I love them both for different reasons anyway

Here is a printed sheet of fabulous sketches from Emma Stafrace at PageDrafts - I plan to use these for all my pages this month, to keep my mojo on its toes and speed up my scrappin. You can also see a scribbly list of all the things I thought I would get around to on Wednesday to catch my crafty tail ...

  • Catch up on two Tag Tuesdays
  • Make a page for CSI #82 ready for the reveal on Friday
  • Do something amazing for the last week of SOC 
  • Update my blog
  • Actually do a WOYWW post with these pics
  • Create some gorgeous little somethings for my mates when we meet up in Banbury SOON
  • and more stuff
- how many of them do you think I managed???

Another couple of magazines here - Papercraft on the left, with some amazing die cut frames, flowers and borders I was planning to use on this week's CSI Case File. On the right is Scrapbook Magazine, COINCIDENTALLY open at a feature by Yours Truly - still SO chuffed to see my stuff in print and convinced that They will realise in a minute that everything I make is actually complete rubbish...

So here's what my desk looked like by the end of Wednesday ...

Quite a few items ticked off on my list - I did manage three Little Somethings for my girlies, one of my Tag Tuesdays and one CSI page, plus did a load of washing, two Birthday Cakes for John to take to work, caught up on emails and pottered in the garden for a bit - not quite an elastic day but not bad!

One thing I've realised this week is that I've bitten off so much that I can't possible chew it all properly and something had to give - so I hope to finish SOC over the weekend and FYV will have to wait until the dust has settled ... I want to be able to enjoy the process, no matter what the outcome

Thanks for reading my rambles

Annie x

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer of Color Week 5

Blimey! Can't believe that this is the penultimate week of Summer of Color 2013 - pop over to Twinkle Twinkle if you don't know what I'm on about and see for yourself.
Every week the wonderful Kristin gives us a new combination of colours to play with - this week it was Candy Apple Red and Yellow!

You can create anything you like using these colours, link up at Twinkle Twinkle, and then check out all the amazing creations other people have come up with - it can be anything from pennants to paintings, tags to tattoos and I'm always impressed and inspired.

Mine is an altered book art journal - somethinkg I've been meaning to do for ages. Here's my take on Candy Apple Red and Yellow

Bit weird, and not quite what I had in mind, but one of the best things about this project has been that I have been able to just let play with the colours and different media and see what happens - lots of fun and a great learning curve.
This time I started with a couple of coats of gesso, then masked off my apple shape and ran amok with acrylic inks, tore some "bites" and grungified a bit with Distress Inks, added some bright white acrylic paint and finally doodled with black fineliner.

Here are my previous weeks' pages, in no particular order

Citron Green and Turquoise

Lime Green and Purple

Hot Pink and Orange

Pale Pink and Charcoal
Can't wait to see what everyone else has done now!

Thanks for looking, see you again soon
Annie x

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Case File #80 over at CSI this week was a bit of a struggle for me - as regular readers will know, I'm not at my best with the paler, prettier combos - but I do love the whole retro vibe of this one and I always enjoy working with Em's sketches, so I gave it a go.

Here's the Case File (click on the image to enlarge so you can read the clues)

CSI Mastermind Debbi Tehrani has found us this beautiful Scene to investigate. From this image, Debbi takes the five colours for the Scheme and inspiration for design elements and journaling.
CSI = Color, Stories, Inspiration
As it is the second week of the month, we also have a fabulous sketch from Emma Stafrace at Page Drafts

To solve the Case, you need to design a scrap page using

  • All FIVE colours in The Scheme
  • At least TWO items of Evidence
  • At least ONE piece of Testimony
  • The Sketch

To help you further, the wonderful Michele Singh designs a new set of CSI Coordinates for every Case - these are fabulous images, journaling spots and patterned papers which CSI members can download free and either print out or use for digi scrapping. They really are gorgeous and they're all archived on the website - is that brilliant or WHAT!?

Anyway, here's my take on this case (you can click on it to enlarge if you like)


The Sketch: I've stuck to the plan fairly closely, although you are allowed to adapt/rotate and so on
The Scheme: all the colours are there, although in this picture, the peachy bits have come out more pinky and the pinky bits look like white and the neutral background paper looks taupe, but hey that's ok because luckily "On Taupe of the World" is one of the colours in the scheme.
The Evidence: flowers; something transparent; triangles; buttons; flags/banners; lace/lace cardstock; floral patterns; string (well, twine); texture paste; woodgrain - blimey, I think I've used ALL the items on the list!
The Testimony: I've taken inspiration from a song title/lyric - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! - this is in my subtitle and has inspired the whole page. These are pictures of me wearing a typical Hen Party ensemble, including one of the masks of my then fiance's face, which ALL the girls had put on whilst I was being distracted in the house - surprised?! I nearly wet myself! Literally!!! We also played Twister, Pass the Parcel with forfeits and had a huge water fight - oh and of course lots of alcoholic lubrication and plenty of cake - SO much fun and a perfect day :o) My journaling is handwritten all around the edge;

"My mates knew how much I would hate to have a hen do out in the city at night, so they got together and arranged the best hen party ever, right here at home in my own garden! But they made sure that we did all the usual hen party stuff as you can see!"

Here are a few close-ups of the details for your perusal - have I followed all the clues?

I cut triangles from floral pp to make my bunting, added twine
and a cute transparent pink heart button as a decorative accent

Word banners are layered together with doodling for emphasis
 The sweet pink heart stick pin is like the ones we put in the men's
buttonholes and the bunting reminds me of the 100m bunting
which John and I made by hand for our wedding picnic marquee

Transparent buttons to remember the bubbles I was blowing
Chipboard flowers against the woodgrain background paper
The woodgrain frame was from a previous CSI Coordinates

Journaling and doodling goes all around the edge of the page
Different patterned papers layered together with lace cardstock
More bubbles - quote from the "Bubbles" in a speech bubble
More flowers - gorgeous 13Arts ones and some diecuts
Love this retro cameo chippie - it's really peach though
Lace paper with added doodling and a lacy paper doily
Leaves were diecut from pp in previous CSI Coordinates

If you haven't already - do go over to CSI and check out all the other pages in the gallery - I can guarantee that they will be many, varied and WONDERFUL!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Find Your Voice Week Two

Find Your Voice is a brilliant FREE eight week storytelling workshop being run by Kristin Tweedale. Check it out for yourself - the lessons themselves are inspiring, but the community that's building up around this is truly amazing!

I'm a bit behind, but that doesn't matter - I'll catch up! Here are my efforts for Week Two

If you would like more details/explanation and a closer look, please click on the Find Your Voice tab at the top of this page - that is where I'm keeping all my FYV stuff together.
Ok, now I'm going to see if I can manage to link this to the right place ... oh dear .... I really want to play but I'm easily confused .... :o)xxx


Good Morning WOYWWers!!!

If you're not already a WOYWWer, check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground to see what it's all about and you will soon be hooked!

Here's my deskful of promise this morning (you can click on the image to enlarge the gory details)

At the front is a board book awaiting its fourth coat of gesso in an effort to obliterate Postman Pat! I think I will just stick some paper over it, in fact, I should have thought of that in the first place. tsk.

At least, thanks to a helpful hint from Liz Black on last week's WOYWW post, the brush I ruined by forgetting about it between coats of gesso did NOT go in the bin after all - it is currently in Paintbrush Hospital Intensive Care (AKA the shed) and hopefully will come back to all its hairy little friends very soon. I have a ridiculous number of brushes, because I bought a load at auction one time, but it will still go against the grain to throw one of them away!

Just below my desk, if you look closely, is evidence of one of my not-so-secret vices - I LOVE TWIRLS

And this week I thought I'd give you a little peep at another part of my room, off to the left ...

... in the corner behind the ribbons (Ahaaaa! THAT'S where I put the mount board) is an old CD unit which now holds my mini books. On the top is a keepsake box I made with an old box file and some gorgeous G45 papers - details on this original post if you would like to have a better look. In front of it I've put two of my little people (one day they will have a home of their own I promise)

I can't decide what their names are - what do you think ..... ?

Well that's it for this week - I'm off to link up at Stamping Ground now and have a good old snout around everyone else's workdesks (well, at least a few of them!)

Cheerio for now, thanks for stopping by :o)xxx

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer of Color Week 4 ....

... Pale Pink and Charcoal. Now, if I'm honest, this is not my favourite of the colour combinations which Kristin over at Twinkle Twinkle has given us so far - well, what I mean is that it's a lovely combination when other people use it, but I work better with the more vivid colours.

Still, a challenge is supposed to, well, challenge you isn't it? So I thought I'd have a go at something soft, dreamy and whimsical, maybe about myself as a little girl because I was such a daydreamer, always "away with the fairies" as my Gran used to say.

So, I prepped a couple more pages of my altered book with gesso, mixed up some acrylic paints and waded in .... and this sad, mournful little girl came out - I just couldn't cheer her up!

Oh dear! This journal was going to be full of fun and positivity - you see what these colours do to me?

I did enjoy working on it though, and it's always good to experiment with something new. Maybe this little girl came out of wherever she was hiding because I've been doing lots of thinking for my Find Your Voice projects .... hmmmm .... could be.

Here are a couple of close-ups

Anyway, I'm off to link this up over at Twinkle Twinkle, check out what everyone else has created with these colours and also find out which combination has been voted in for next week - can't believe it's Week Four already!

Thanks for popping in, see you again soon :o)xxx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Z is for Zip!

It's the last letter of the alphabet over at Tag Tuesday this week, so I went with the word Zip.
Here's my tag (which I forgot to post earlier in the week, with all the excitement!)

It's all made from scraps and rescued objects (one of the best things about making tags) and it took less than half an hour (one of the other best things about tags)

The denim fabric paper came pre-stitched so that was easy, and the plaid pp is one I've had so long I can't remember where it came from. the zipper pull was in my 13Arts parcel from Poland, the buttons are vintage ones and so is the twine, which we found in John's Dad's shed. I did some distressing and inking and finally added a large jump ring from my mystery key collection.

Might do a version of this for my son's birthday which is coming up ... but I'll have to be quick!

Thanks for looking - if you're in the UK, enjoy the sunshine this weekend :o)xxx