Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pause // Unwind

April over at CSI has been all about fun fun fun and Case File #69 was no exception - here it is

Debbi Tehrani is the creator of CSI, which stands for Color, Stories, Inspiration. Each week she finds a new Scene for us to investigate. This is an inspirational image from which Debbi takes ideas for colours, design elements and journaling. In order to solve the case you must use the following Clues

  • All five colours in the Scheme
  • At least two pieces of Evidence
  • At least one item of Testimony

You can also download the CSI Coordinates to help you - these are printable design elements, images, journaling spots and pp - a new set is designed especially for each new Case File by the brilliant Michele Singh

Here's my solution to this Case 

  • The Scheme: I used all the colours
  • The Evidence: circles; doodling; metal; stripes; something unexpected (the key from a tin of ham).
  • The Testimony: this is handwritten and tucked away in the envelope for my sons to find one day.
Here are some close-ups with details of materials

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Papers: the background is Studio Calico Classic Calico "Charted". Also used pieces of pp by Fancy Pants and My Minds Eye. 
The apple print coffee filter was also from Fancy Pants.

The postcard was cut from a sheet of Canvas Corp Black and Kraft Postcards
Stamp from my husband's boyhood collection!
Postmark print fabric from a Quirky Kit
American Crafts Thickers also from a Quirky Kit
Here's that ham tin key and some doodling!

Thanks for visiting, please come again soon :o) xxx

Happy Anniversary!

This was such a fun happy shot of John's daughter Sarah on her wedding day, with her new husband Graham and their children Bailey and Macy - I thought it would make a nice present for their first anniversary.

I used a sketch by Lynn Cooper at Scrapology. The wedding colours were purple and white so I used those with some leaf green accents to decorate the page and then put it in an 8" box frame from The Range. The flowers were from my 13Arts parcel from Poland - here's a close-up

You know what it's like when you've made something for someone - you've put loads of time and thought into it, can't wait to give it to them, but then when they come to open it you're really worried that they'll hate it - but to my huge relief, Sarah seemed delighted, put it up on the wall straight away and even Facebooked it - so she must have liked it! :o)

Live & Learn

It was another fun and quirky Case File over at CSI this week. Here it is (click on the image to enlarge)

CSI stands for "Color, Stories, Inspiration". Each week, the brilliant Debbi Tehrani finds a new "Scene" for us to investigate. This is an image from which Debbi draws inspiration for the colours, design elements and journaling. In order to solve the case, you need to use

  • All the colours in the Scheme
  • At least two items of Evidence
  • At least one piece of Testimony

To help you do this, there is a new set of CSI Coordinates for each case, designed by the talented Michele Singh especially for CSI members. These are printable elements, journaling spots and pp which you can download to your PC to play with however you like - I generally just print them off onto white card as they are and cut them out, but I know there are clever things you can do with them if you've a mind to ...

Anyway, here's how I solved Case File No 68

This was the perfect opportunity to tell a funny story I've been saving since 1985 ...

  • The Scheme: I used all the colours
  • The Evidence: circles; polka dots; owls; flowers; paint; triangles; penwork; scallops; clouds.
  • The Testimony: this is hidden away inside the envelope with the peg and this is how the story goes;

""TOM: Why are you keeping the milk bottle tops to take to Nursery Rich?
RICH: They're for the blind people silly Tom
TOM: But why do the blind people want bottle tops?
RICH: Well, they put them on their eyes so they can see again Tom
TOM: ooooh!
MUM: Psssst! Rich ... eerrrmmm ... actually they will use them to buy special dogs to help the blind people get around.
RICH: Hmmmmm....
The following week -
TOM: We've got lots of bottle tops for the blind people's eyes haven't we?
RICH: Don't be silly Tom, they will use the bottle tops to buy special dogs for the blind people to ride around on!
Tom: Hmmmmm .... "

Hehehe - how cute is that?! :o) xxx

Here are some close ups and details of materials
Die cut fence painted to match colours
Cute owl from Coordinates.
The envelope was tarted up with a scallop punch
 Little peg from a Quirky Kit
Lily Bee Designs Memorandum "Office Blue" and
Harvest Market "Black Licorice"
Crate Paper Paper Heart "Friendship"
Apple patterned coffee filter from Fancy Pants
Clouds drawn with Versamark pen then heat embossed in white
 Kite made from the Coordinates triangles and bakers twine
The gorgeous chalkboard background paper is
"Grocery List" from the Roadshow collection by Fancy Pants 

Another cute Coordinates owl -
this one has Richard's expression AND his tank top!
Sunflower from 13Arts

Sunday, 21 April 2013

CSI Detective!!!

When Debbi Tehrani invited me to join the talented team of CSI Detectives I was so excited I nearly disgraced myself. WooHOOOOO!!! It took me all of 10 seconds to think it over!
Here's my CSI Detective Badge

And here's my Excited Face
Still pinching myself now ... it's going to be a real buzz to be part of such a talented team and they're such a friendly and supportive bunch of people too - I can't wait to get cracking.
Keep watching this space! And if you haven't already checked out CSI, you don't know what you're missing - click here to see for yourself and be inspired!
Thanks for coming, see you again soon :o) xxx

ps did I mention I'm a bit excited?! Crazy dancing around the house by myself again ...

Friday, 19 April 2013

Scrapbook Fantasies!

Oh Wow! Just look at this parcel full of goodness from Alicia Redshaw at Scrapbook Fantasies

A few weeks back, I was chosen as Star Witness over at CSI and this was my gorgeous prize - which Alicia sent all the way from Australia (needless to say, I have saved the AirMail sticker too ....)
Every week, Scrapbook Fantasies offers a selection of ribbons and trims inspired by the Case File and Alicia sends them all over the world to the lucky winners. Here's a closer look at my lovelies ...

... only problem is - can I bring myself to stop stroking them and actually use them on a page?!
Thanks Alicia :o) xxx

Thursday, 18 April 2013


The April Challenge over at Scrapology is all about Ripped Paper - one of my favourite things! We started with a BRILLIANT sketch by Morag Cutts - isn't it gorgeous?!
I thought it would be fun to use the luscious Bo Bunny papers from one of the FAB Scrapology kits I was lucky enough to win last month - the perfect background for this picture of me and my "Bride's Mate" Trina, which was taken just an hour before the wedding in the summer of 2011.
Usually I hate having my picture taken, but because my son Tom was our wedding photographer, we got loads of relaxed, happy shots like this one AND I had Trina as my own personal Make-up Magician! :o)

Sunday, 14 April 2013


It's all about FUN FUN FUN over at CSI this month. Here is Case File #66 (click to enlarge)
Each week, the amazing Debbi Tehrani finds a new Scene to for us to investigate - I honestly don't now how she does it week in week out, but she does! From this image Debbi draws inspiration for colours, design elements and journalling.

In order to solve the Case, you need to

  • use all five colours in the Scheme
  • use at least two pieces of Evidence
  • use at least one item from Testimony

CSI members can also download the fabulous CSI Coordinates to help you solve the Case - these are free printable elements, journaling spots and patterned papers designed by the talented Michele Singh - there's a new set every week and they're all archived so that you can easily find them to use again.

So, here's how I solved Case File #66
This is my old mate Archie (gone but not forgotten) - he was a bit of a ladies' man, with a penchant for gin, cheese and fags. He liked a warm spot to snooze in and expected his ladies' undivided attention. He thought he could fight dragons (although he wasn't keen on spiders!), he sounded like Darth Vader's Grandad and he was completely crazy. Mon Chat Bizarre.  Bless him x

  • The Scheme: all the colours are there
  • The Evidence: buttons, arrows, something fuzzy, white background, holes, doodling.
  • The Testimony: "anatomy of", document a pet, something funny, handwritten journalling as follows -

"EARS - these listening devices can pick up the sound of a box of cat treats being opened from five miles away.
"NOSE - a useful tool for sniffing out gin, cheese and fags.
EYES - can be used to convey an air of reproach or disappointment.
TAIL - this piece of equipment can be deployed to express varied emotions, from disapproval to excitement, and can double in size for warding off intruders.
PAWS - these are very useful for drinking gin and terrorising your human."

thanks for looking - see you again soon :o) xxx

Scrapology Challenge

Very excited to find a pizza box full of Scrapology goodness waiting for me today :o)
I was lucky enough to win the March sketch challenge and the prize was two of their gorgeous page kits. Here's a picture

On the left you can see some My Mind's Eye papers from the "Follow Your Heart" collection, along with coordinating cardstock and bakers twine, acrylic paint with an applicator and bubble wrap for stamping.
On the right are some Bo Bunny papers from the "Garden Girl" collection. These came with coordinating purple cardstock, magenta Stickles and some stamens for making antennae with.
Both the kits came with instructions for making a couple of fab pages, but I may have other ideas ....

The challenge was all about "peeking elements" - if you would like a peek at my page check out this post.
The April challenge at Scrapology is equally tempting and inspiring - here's the sketch by Morag Cutts
Love it! It's such an unusual design - and the technique to use for this challenge is "Ripped Paper" - check out this post  to find out all about it.
Ok well I'd better get ripping then!

Thanks for popping in, hope to see you again soon :o) xxx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Polish Pizza Parcel!

Hi everyone! Well, everything is right with my world today - it's my day off work, I have my scrappy mate Trina coming over this afternoon for a bit of cuttin and stickin, the sun is trying to shine and my 13 ARTS order has just arrived. Here it is, all unpacked

It's all so gorgeous - I'm chuffed to bits with everything - it was all beautifully packed and Aida even put in a little bag of freebies (at the top of the picture you can see a tag with a zipper trinket, wooden pegs, some flowers and sweeties!). So much stuff in here -

  • Two sets of papers designed by Aida Domisiewicz - really heavyweight double sided papers, 6 sheets including one with cut-aparts in each set - Aida tells me there are more designs coming out soon...
  • ... three A4 sheets of art canvas ...
  • ...three packs of sticky gems...
  • ...a pack of three rolls of washi tape...
  • ... a roll of organza ribbon...
  • ... a bag of crystal beads...
  • ... some cherubs...
  • ... zipper trinkets...
  • ... the FAB metal "wiggles" and corners (can't see them properly here) ...
  • ...and BUNCHES and BUNCHES of flowers - how gorgeous are they?! 

It's all very exciting- my first scrappy shopping from Abroad! ... of course this does mean there is now a whole new world of scrappy shopping possibilities open to me ...

Here is a picture of another exciting event which took place this week

Yes!  On Sunday, I was able to put the washing out to dry for the first time in MONTHS - spring has definitely sprung, thank goodness.
:o) xxx

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Knock Knock!

  • Who's there?!
  • April ...
  • April Who?
  • April challenge over at Scrap365! 

:o) hehehe (seriously though FAB prize to be won - check it out)

The idea is to create a project based on this fab sketch by Sian Fair

For this challenge, you can make any scrapbooking related project - it doesn't have to be a layout as such.

I thought it would be perfect for a page about my son's little "house" under the stairs - he used to spend hours playing in there, with his little rabbit "family". We would have to knock on the door, so he could jump out and say "Who's there?!" over and over and over again ... he was so cute x

Richard lives in an apartment in Hackney now - as far as I know he doesn't have the rabbits any more, and he definitely doesn't jump out and shout "who's there?!" when someone knocks on the door ... :o)

The papers I've used are all from my last month's Quirky Kit - and as you can see, I'm still playing with the chalkboard idea ... this is definitely my "chalkboard period"!

Thanks for looking :o) xxx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Jennifer Grace Creates - a fab Giveaway!

Hi all, just a quick one to all my scrappy friends - check this out

Jennifer Grace Creates

To celebrate moving from Jennifer's Jumbles to her new blog, Jennifer is offering an amazing giveaway and you can enter in several different ways (twitter, facebook, blog post, comment, pin, follow) - or you can do all of these and have more chances to win.
Here's a pic of the goodies on offer ...

New Blog Giveaway!On second thoughts, maybe I don't want you to enter .... ! :o)