It's all about FUN FUN FUN over at CSI this month. Here is Case File #66 (click to enlarge)
Each week, the amazing Debbi Tehrani finds a new Scene to for us to investigate - I honestly don't now how she does it week in week out, but she does! From this image Debbi draws inspiration for colours, design elements and journalling.

In order to solve the Case, you need to

  • use all five colours in the Scheme
  • use at least two pieces of Evidence
  • use at least one item from Testimony

CSI members can also download the fabulous CSI Coordinates to help you solve the Case - these are free printable elements, journaling spots and patterned papers designed by the talented Michele Singh - there's a new set every week and they're all archived so that you can easily find them to use again.

So, here's how I solved Case File #66
This is my old mate Archie (gone but not forgotten) - he was a bit of a ladies' man, with a penchant for gin, cheese and fags. He liked a warm spot to snooze in and expected his ladies' undivided attention. He thought he could fight dragons (although he wasn't keen on spiders!), he sounded like Darth Vader's Grandad and he was completely crazy. Mon Chat Bizarre.  Bless him x

  • The Scheme: all the colours are there
  • The Evidence: buttons, arrows, something fuzzy, white background, holes, doodling.
  • The Testimony: "anatomy of", document a pet, something funny, handwritten journalling as follows -

"EARS - these listening devices can pick up the sound of a box of cat treats being opened from five miles away.
"NOSE - a useful tool for sniffing out gin, cheese and fags.
EYES - can be used to convey an air of reproach or disappointment.
TAIL - this piece of equipment can be deployed to express varied emotions, from disapproval to excitement, and can double in size for warding off intruders.
PAWS - these are very useful for drinking gin and terrorising your human."

thanks for looking - see you again soon :o) xxx