Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas - can't believe it's been a whole week since the last What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and now it's the last Wednesday in 2014! Where did a whole year go?!!??

If you love to check out other people's crafty spaces, wander over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join us - check out workdesks all over the world and link up to show us what's happening on yours today.

My craft room is still otherwise occupied at present, but I've commandeered part of the dining room table and Carried On Crafting :o) This was yesterday evening ...

... I decided it was time to crack on and finish my friend's wedding invites, as I've promised she can collect them next week - EEEEK!!! A few hours later I had this satisfying pile almost finished ...

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Hi Everyone,

It's Christmas Eve wooHOOO!!! I have lots and lots I should be doing, but just thought I would squeeze in a little blogging time, because it's also Wednesday - the day to gather over at Julia's Stamping Ground to share What's On Your Workdesk this week.

My own workroom is out of action again until after Christmas, but I've been fitting in a bit of crafty time at the dining room table. A friend gave me this copy of the latest Molly Makes magazine, with a really cute retro-style kit on the front ...

I love these free kits you get with magazines - this one includes everything you need to make this sweet Christmas deco plus ideas for using up the leftovers ...

Mine didn't come out quite the same as the picture - partly because I didn't have access to a photocopier to enlarge the template so had to make it half the size, and partly because I couldn't be bothered to run upstairs and get some glue, so I stitched all the bits on instead - but I'm happy with it anyway and will probably attach it to a gift for my DH ...

As it has a retro vibe, I thought it would work well for this week's theme over at Tag Tuesday - "A Very Vintage Christmas".

Well, I just have time to nip over to Julia's to check out some real workdesks and see what everyone else has been up to this week.

Happy Christmas everyone!!! HO HO HO !!! :o)

Annie xxx

Monday, 22 December 2014

Getting Knotted!

Hi Everyone,

My workroom is out of action again this week until after Christmas, so I've been trying out some portable crafty stuff. I found this little set in our local supermarket (affectionately known as Uncle Roy's) for less than a couple of quid ...

Remember these?! We used to call it "French knitting" for some reason. Here's what was inside the box ...

... and here's my first effort at French Knitting in over 40 years ...

There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and YouTube for things to make with the resulting long, thin tube of knitted material. Here's a brilliant tutorial for a heart-shaped knot by J D Lenzen which caught my eye - check out his channel Tying It All Together for lots more fun ideas. Here's how it turned out ...

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Snow Angel

Hi Everyone,

I was so inspired by this month's challenge over at Scrap Around The World that I thought I'd have another go at it! This time I decided to create a whimsical canvas using my Georgie stamp set ...

Here's the totally gorgeous mood board ...

To enter the SATW challenge, you can use any or all of these elements to create scrapbook pages, canvases and art journals. For December only you can enter tags and ATCs as well. There are loads of brilliant prizes and I am delighted to be sponsoring a special prize this month, for the best project using the mood board and this sketch from Stuck?! Sketches ....

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Angels

Hi Everyone,

The theme over at Tag Tuesday this week is "Christmas Angels" - here's my little angel ...

I was inspired by happy memories of watching the children in school nativity plays many years ago. It's amazing how an old sheet and a bit of tinsel can turn your child into a little angel :o)

This particular little angel is for my niece, Georgia - so of course I had to use my Georgie stamp set! I made the dress a bit longer, left out the feet and used the butterfly to create the wings ...

The words were typed onto watercolour paper on the lovely Gabriele vintage typewriter my DH brought home for me a few weeks ago (it was meant to be for Christmas but he just couldn't wait!) and I added some Inka Gold as a finishing touch.

Pop over to Tag Tuesday to see lots of other ideas inspired by this theme - next week's theme is "A very vintage Christmas" ... which is right up my alley as they say :o)

Thanks for visiting today, see you again soon

Annie xxx

WOYWW #289

Hi Everyone,

It's the last Wednesday before the festive season begins in earnest and I'm hoping to squeeze out a bit more time for visiting fellow Deskers this week. In case you are reading this and wondering what on earth I'm on about - it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, which means that this is the day when we post pictures of our workdesks, waffle on a bit about what we've been up to, then pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to link up with other Deskers all around the world and see what they've been making, what they've got, where they work, whether their desks are even messier than mine, that kind of thing!

Speaking of which, here's a picture of the offending area, which I took last night ...

Picture the scene if you will - it was around 7.30, I had arrived home from work about an hour ago, prepared dinner and left it cooking in the oven, then made myelf a large G&T and brought it upstairs to "play in my room" for an hour. You can see the G&T there on the right hand side. The red patterned object in front of it is not a festive craft project - it's my discarded bra! After a long day at work, it was really annoying me, and I do have a habit of abandoning annoying bits of clothing in unlikely places - does anyone else do that?!

The project I was in such a hurry to work on is the beginnings of a mixed media canvas inspired by this month's challenge over at Scrap Around The World. I'm fairly happy with the background now, and I plan to add a whimsical angel with some meaningful wordage ...

... although whether or not it turns out anything like the vague picture I have in my head remains to be seen - watch this space!

Well, I'm off to Julia's to see what everyone else has been up to - I am willing to bet that no one else has decorated their desk with underwear! :o)

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx

Monday, 15 December 2014

Waiting ... Waiting ... Waiting!!!

Hi Everyone,

This month's challenge over at Scrap Around The World inspired me to capture a happy long ago Christmas in a fun scrapbook page. Here's the inspiring mood board put together by DT member Anna Komenda ...

There are loads of fab prizes to be won, and just for this month you can enter tags or ATCs as well as scrapbook pages, canvases and art journals. There's also a special prize sponsored by Yours Truly for combining inspiration from the mood board with this brilliant sketch from Stuck?! Sketches ...

Twenty-five years ago this week, my little boys would have been SO excited!!! They would have been on best behaviour for at least a couple of months, because Father Christmas used to send a robin to our garden to keep a beady little eye on them from around September onwards, just to make sure they were being good boys (I always thought this little addition to our family folklore was a stroke of genius on my part!!)

They loved helping with all the preparations - making paper chains, decorating the tree, wrapping presents and baking - but by this stage, the waiting was starting to seem endless. I really enjoyed remembering those happy times as I put this page together, using the sketch and several elements from the mood board ...

You don't have to use the mood board colours for this challenge, but I LOVE the combination of icy blues, snow white, biscuity brown, dark chocolate and cherry red - perfect for my theme! Starting with a couple of sheets of cardstock in kraft and white as a background, I then rummaged through my paper scraps and pulled out a few possibilities (now that they're all organised into colour families this is so much easier and they're nearly all used up now) ...

Sunday, 14 December 2014

More Last-Minute Christmas Cards!

Hi Everyone,

Here's another really quick and easy Christmas card which looks far more clever and complicated to make than it really is!

This idea was inspired by my son Tom, when we were hunting for nothing in particular in his local "Pound Shop" and came across these pretties ...

Ignore the tissue paper for now and check out the cool textured snowflakes printed onto a sort of clear clingy sheet - they are meant to be for decorating windows, and you get two sheets in a pack for only £1.

To make three cards, I took a sheet of 12x12 cardstock and cut it into three 12x4 pieces ...

Super Speedy Christmas Crafting

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the seasonal preparations - I've been slow off the mark as usual (in my defence, there has been so much else going on around here this year). Somehow it's crept up on me again and suddenly IT'S CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIISTMAAAAASS!!

Yesterday we had our KHC (Kings Head Crafters) Christmas party, and I wanted to give all my crafty mates a handmade Christmas card, but I only got back from London at 4.30, so I needed a really quick idea ...

Fortunately, I had watched this brilliant video by the talented Helen Allen whilst I was away. Helen's been doing a whole series of Christmas card tutorials on her YouTube channel and this one particularly appealed to me - stylish, sparkly and speedy! Within a couple of hours I had made this whole pile of cards ...

I used more magazine freebies - dies and stamps which came free with Creativity Magazine ...

Here's a closer look at the finished designs - I made three of each ...

I had to adapt Helen's design a bit to suit the dies and papers I had available and I decided to heat emboss the greeting for a bit of added texture. Then I made some envelopes from some ancient sheets of cardstock and sealed them with washi tape ...

Check out Helen's YT channel for more brilliant tutorials, and you will always find loads of inspiration on her blog.

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon HO HO HO :o)xxx

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Hi everyone,

I'm scheduling this to post itself whilst I'm away from home for a few days. It's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - when we all get together at Julia's Stamping Ground to show the world what we've been up to this week.

My workroom is still out of bounds, so this is my workdesk at the moment ...

I did manage to complete a few UFOs (see previous post) and I also whiled away a couple of hours sorting out my lovely shiny new Kaiser Fusion pens ...

Hopefully by next week I will have time to actually play with them :o)

If you would like to check out some REAL workdesks all over the world and show us what's on yours this week, join us over at Julia's - see you there!

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon

Annie xxx

Monday, 8 December 2014

Crafty UFOs and Winky Wonky Owls

Hi Everyone,

Whilst my workroom has been Otherwise Occupied for a couple of weeks, I've been catching up on a few Unfinished Objects which have been lurking in my crafty tool bag for ages ...

These were all made from those little freebie kits you get on the front of crafty magazines. I love them!
Just one magazine had all this with it ...

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hi Everyone,

The first WOYWW of December - I DON'T beLEEEEVE it :o)

This is the day when we all gather over at Julia's Stamping Ground to show off our workdesks and see what everyone else has been up to this week. I'm still crafting on the dining room table as my workroom is Otherwise Occupied ...

After a lovely day out with my friend Trina (we had our hair cut, did lunch, then spent a couple of hours taking FULL advantage of the 25% off clothing sale in Sainsbury's), I arrived home to find this magazine in my postbox. I love the free gifts - a pretty handbag diary, a kit to make a hanging Christmas ornament and a pack of really cute gift boxes. I have quite a few of these freebie kits waiting to be made up and I reckon this week might be a good time to finally get around to it!

Also waiting for me when I got home was my parcel from Every Crafts A Pound (if you live in the UK and you haven't already checked them out, you really should) - they currently have Kaiser Fusion pens in stock for only £1 each!!! I think they're normally around £2.45 or so.

Initially I ordered roughly 40 random colours which you can see in the picture above - then I tried them out this evening and was so impressed I've been back on the site and ordered ALL the other colours!!

I've also started to make up a colour chart on a piece of mount board - took AGES but well worth it I think.

What a lovely day I've had :o)

So now it's time to see what everyone else is up to  - see you at Julia's!

Annie xxx

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Prize Time

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for all your kind comments about "Georgie" - I really appreciated all your words of encouragement.

All of the people who commented were entered into a draw and I am delighted to announce that Zsuzsa is the winner of a "Georgie" Mix It Up stamp set - I can't wait to see what you create with it Zsuzsa!

I'll pop a Georgie in the post for you as soon as I have your snail mail address :o)

Thanks for visiting today, see you again soon.

Annie xxx

Monday, 1 December 2014

Scrap Around The World

Hi Everyone,

The December challenge was revealed today over at Scrap Around The World - just look at this FABulous mood board which was put together by Anna Komenda, one of the SATW DT members ...

How gorgeous is that??!!?! The challenge is open internationally and there are loads of really REALLY cool prizes. There are some amazing pages from the DT to inspire you, and there will be another reveal in a couple of weeks.

An extra bit of fun for this month is this brilliant sketch from Stuck?! Sketches ...

I am delighted to be sponsoring a Special Prize for the best entry using this sketch as well as the mood board - one of my new "Georgie" stamp sets is up for grabs and like all the other SATW prizes it includes free postage to anywhere in the world. 

As a special concession for the busy month of December, you can even enter tags and ATCs for this challenge, as well as the usual scrapbook pages, art journals and canvases - so why not give it a go?! 

I love the mood board and the sketch, AND I love the prizes, so I will definitely be giving it a go - watch this space :o)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon

Annie xxx