Hi Everyone,

The first WOYWW of December - I DON'T beLEEEEVE it :o)

This is the day when we all gather over at Julia's Stamping Ground to show off our workdesks and see what everyone else has been up to this week. I'm still crafting on the dining room table as my workroom is Otherwise Occupied ...

After a lovely day out with my friend Trina (we had our hair cut, did lunch, then spent a couple of hours taking FULL advantage of the 25% off clothing sale in Sainsbury's), I arrived home to find this magazine in my postbox. I love the free gifts - a pretty handbag diary, a kit to make a hanging Christmas ornament and a pack of really cute gift boxes. I have quite a few of these freebie kits waiting to be made up and I reckon this week might be a good time to finally get around to it!

Also waiting for me when I got home was my parcel from Every Crafts A Pound (if you live in the UK and you haven't already checked them out, you really should) - they currently have Kaiser Fusion pens in stock for only £1 each!!! I think they're normally around £2.45 or so.

Initially I ordered roughly 40 random colours which you can see in the picture above - then I tried them out this evening and was so impressed I've been back on the site and ordered ALL the other colours!!

I've also started to make up a colour chart on a piece of mount board - took AGES but well worth it I think.

What a lovely day I've had :o)

So now it's time to see what everyone else is up to  - see you at Julia's!

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Nothing like a bargain, eh? Especially when you're doing lots of colouring of certain doll stamps;)!!!!! Good luck getting the kits done - it would never come to pass here!!!!
Chrysalis said…
Oh, you naughty girl, tempting me to spend more money!! I've just been on this incredible site and found lots of goodies. I didn't buy the pens, but will be back there (probably in the new year) Thanks for the heads up. Have a great week, and happy crafting Chris # 15
There's nothing like a good girly day out or maybe a girly day in Lol! who cares which.
I don't know this shop, will have to look whereHappy crafting, the nearest one is. Happy crafting, Angela x 28
Sounds like you had a fantastic girly day out, Annie! I was the same with Liqutex Acrylics - they were half price at HobbyCraft, so I bought a bunch and then kept going back to buy all the colours while they were still on offer. Now I have enough to last for a year - even though the Gelli plate is eating them up like there's no tomorrow! Have a wonderful rest of the week! zsuzsa #30
Artatag said…
You certainly had a good time! A really wonderful girly day and all those freebies and bargains. That really makes a day!
Gabriele 12
April said…
Sounds like a great day! Friends and crafty stuff- it doesn't get any better than that. April #43