Little Fishes and the Roaring Twenties!

What does FISH and the ROARING TWENTIES have in common you may well ask?! The answer is ...

This week the theme is Fish - here's my take on it (yes, somehow my mind has turned to food again)

I made the "tin" out of metallic cardstock, finishing it with a key pull from a real tin with some old string looped though it. Then I created the little fishes out of scrap photo paper coloured with alcohol ink and permanent marker pens - fun but messy!

I also made my very overdue tag for last week's theme - "The Roaring Twenties"

It's resting on one of my lovely old books - I reckon that knitted coathanger cover would be bang-on trend again now - anyway, this was just a lot of cuttin and stickin with paper scraps, finished with some beads, a flower and a piece of translucent ribbon which I thought was reminiscent of the silk stockings these lovely ladies would have worn. Here's a close up of the pretty bit
Thanks for looking at my tags - pop over to Tag Tuesday to check out what everyone else came up with - it's always full of surprises and inspiration!


Treenie said…
Annie, you are just so clever :) x