Capture the Moment

Case File #82 over at CSI this week was right up my alley - bright colours, lots of fun - here it is (click on the image to enlarge it)

As always, Debbi Tehrani, CSI Mastermind, has found an intriguing Scene for us to investigate - in order to solve the case, you have to create a page using the following clues

All five colours in the Scheme
At least two pieces of Evidence
At least one piece of Testimony

To help you along, there is also a new set of CSI Coordinates for every Case File, designed by the lovely Michele Singh.

Here is how I solved the Case - the pictures show two of my scrappy mates our our wedding in 2011 - again you can click on the image to enlarge it if you want to

The Scheme: I used all five colours, plus pops of black
The Evidence: hearts; doodling; funky scallops; wet medium; cursive lettering
The Testimony: My journaling is handwritten in cursive lettering and it was kicked off by the IW "playful, fun"
It reads as follows; "Trina and Julie being silly for Mr. M. Hatter photographer extraordinaire! At our wedding picnic. I love how they were already planning to scrap it! ..."

I also used this fab sketch by Emma Stafrace at Page Maps

Here are some close ups so you can check that I have followed all the clues!

Thanks for popping in - don't forget to check out the amazing gallery over at CSI

Cheerio for now
Annie :o)xxx


Unknown said…
What a stunning layout Annie! !! Love the vibrant colours and the doodling is sensational :D :)