Good Morning WOYWWers!!!

If you're not already a WOYWWer, check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground to see what it's all about and you will soon be hooked!

Here's my deskful of promise this morning (you can click on the image to enlarge the gory details)

At the front is a board book awaiting its fourth coat of gesso in an effort to obliterate Postman Pat! I think I will just stick some paper over it, in fact, I should have thought of that in the first place. tsk.

At least, thanks to a helpful hint from Liz Black on last week's WOYWW post, the brush I ruined by forgetting about it between coats of gesso did NOT go in the bin after all - it is currently in Paintbrush Hospital Intensive Care (AKA the shed) and hopefully will come back to all its hairy little friends very soon. I have a ridiculous number of brushes, because I bought a load at auction one time, but it will still go against the grain to throw one of them away!

Just below my desk, if you look closely, is evidence of one of my not-so-secret vices - I LOVE TWIRLS

And this week I thought I'd give you a little peep at another part of my room, off to the left ...

... in the corner behind the ribbons (Ahaaaa! THAT'S where I put the mount board) is an old CD unit which now holds my mini books. On the top is a keepsake box I made with an old box file and some gorgeous G45 papers - details on this original post if you would like to have a better look. In front of it I've put two of my little people (one day they will have a home of their own I promise)

I can't decide what their names are - what do you think ..... ?

Well that's it for this week - I'm off to link up at Stamping Ground now and have a good old snout around everyone else's workdesks (well, at least a few of them!)

Cheerio for now, thanks for stopping by :o)xxx


Julie Lee said…
Love what you did with the Graphic 45 paper! Those little people are lovely, very 1950s. I think they should be called Laura and Bret because they sound kind of 'fifties to me. I hate throwing away paint brushes too. Julie Ann #55
Anonymous said…
That's just adorable! Funny, I didn't actually carry on with my plan for the day but have been working on something totally different, also a couple, but I already know mine are Rick and Ilsa. Maybe yours could be Ricky and Lucy - she seems to be a redhead, but I don;t recall Ricky ever carrying a briefcase. A conga drum maybe but briefcase? Nope.

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (56)
ike said…
Oh I would love to get some of those board books - shame they don't have them here in Greece OR second hand shops :-(
Love the look round your room - thank you :-D


IKE xx #93
Unknown said…
Love your altered books, I used to gesso them all too until I was taught all about collage etc.

Love your keepsake box too, your little people look very happy infront, sorry no idea's for names.

Lynda #82
Anonymous said…
The woman looks like an Alice to me -- unsure about the man. I covered a little board book with gesso, too, but haven't done anything with it yet and I have another one to do sometime. No idea what I will use them for. I came to the same conclusion . . . that I should have just covered it with paper. However, I'm telling myself that the gessoed surface will accept the adhesive better! Happy WOYWW from Laura #98
Krisha said…
LOL! I refuse to throw out a paint brush until it is bald!! I usually soak the harden ones in some acetone then clean them up again...... until the next time I lay it down between coats....LOL
Krisha #5
peggy aplSEEDS said…
happy WOYWW! i'm happy to get a chance to peek at your desk today! i too keep all sorts of paintbrushes! fortunately, i haven't taken a sip from my water mug. thanks for the warning, LOL!
peggy aplSEEDS@18
Helen said…
Hope the brush has made it out of intensive care now! Those people are just fab. Helen 17
Shoshi said…
Lovely creative space, Annie, and a nice busy desk! Love what you did with that beautiful paper. Thanks for your nice comment - I feel very blessed indeed to be having such a beautiful new ARTHaven to rival the ones we see online in the USA, which I never dreamed I should have lol!! I know what you mean about your own special space lifting your spirits - it's a very special feeling, isn't it.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #92