Well I'm only two days late - but these pictures really WERE taken on Wednesday morning - I just haven't had chance to post them! this summer is busy busy busy and hot hot hot and I've realised this week that I've bitten off more than I have time to chew properly!

So, if you don't know what on earth WOYWW means, check it out over at Julia's blog The Stamping Ground - it's totally addictive snouting around other people's workdesks and you can even link up your own!
We may be late to the party, but there's always next week ...

Here was mine on Wednesday morning

What you see above is a HUGE pile of good intentions ...

On the far left is last week's page in the art journal I'm making for SOC - this was Candy Apple Red and
Yellow - but I missed this week's combo, the LAST ONE, Sage Green and Sepia, because there was just too much else going on. But never mind, I'll catch up :o)

Here you can see the beginnings of a Smash Book - I was doing this for FYV, along with an altered board book - both these have had to go onto the back burner too ... but I WILL catch up!

On the right of the picture above is a stack of cards my husband was given for his birthday - some of them were hilarious and there was a definite cake/beer the me going on ....  last weekend we threw him a party with a Cajun theme and a fabulous time was had by all. I spent days cooking up Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie and File Gumbo, as well as three kinds of American Pie for pudding, but still I felt bad that I didn't make him a home made card this year, so I've promised to make all of his cards into a mini book with some photos of the day/evening ...

Above the Smash book is this little pile of Papermania goodies, which were my free gift for subscribing to Scrap365 - actually I've bought the magazine since it first came out and finally subscribed back in January. I also subscribe to Scrapbook Magazine - I find these two such brilliant sources of inspiration and ideas that I just HAVE to get both! Scrap365 feels more artsy to me, but SBM is more scrappy if you know what I mean ... maybe that's just me :o) I love them both for different reasons anyway

Here is a printed sheet of fabulous sketches from Emma Stafrace at PageDrafts - I plan to use these for all my pages this month, to keep my mojo on its toes and speed up my scrappin. You can also see a scribbly list of all the things I thought I would get around to on Wednesday to catch my crafty tail ...

  • Catch up on two Tag Tuesdays
  • Make a page for CSI #82 ready for the reveal on Friday
  • Do something amazing for the last week of SOC 
  • Update my blog
  • Actually do a WOYWW post with these pics
  • Create some gorgeous little somethings for my mates when we meet up in Banbury SOON
  • and more stuff
- how many of them do you think I managed???

Another couple of magazines here - Papercraft on the left, with some amazing die cut frames, flowers and borders I was planning to use on this week's CSI Case File. On the right is Scrapbook Magazine, COINCIDENTALLY open at a feature by Yours Truly - still SO chuffed to see my stuff in print and convinced that They will realise in a minute that everything I make is actually complete rubbish...

So here's what my desk looked like by the end of Wednesday ...

Quite a few items ticked off on my list - I did manage three Little Somethings for my girlies, one of my Tag Tuesdays and one CSI page, plus did a load of washing, two Birthday Cakes for John to take to work, caught up on emails and pottered in the garden for a bit - not quite an elastic day but not bad!

One thing I've realised this week is that I've bitten off so much that I can't possible chew it all properly and something had to give - so I hope to finish SOC over the weekend and FYV will have to wait until the dust has settled ... I want to be able to enjoy the process, no matter what the outcome

Thanks for reading my rambles

Annie x


Bridget Larsen said…
Well yo have been busy, love those cute envelopes
Bridget #23
Unknown said…
Love all the Scrap Happiness on your desk. I love all the little envelopes. Were those some of the stuff you got from Scrap365? Is that a magazine for the typical style of scrapbooking, or is it for smashing, and junking as well?? Thanks for the peep. Hope you're having a great weekend. (((HUGS)))