CSI Case File #180

Hi Everyone,

It's time to reveal the last CSI Case File for October and it's a beauty!

CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration has always been one of my favourite challenge sites, so when the lovely Debbi Tehrani asked me to sponsor CSI for October, I was delighted to oblige. Debbi also invited the ArtyFarty DT to be Guest Detectives for the month, and we've had a great time cracking all the October Case Files.

Here's Case File #180 ...
From this sweet little image, Debbi has pulled the colour scheme, ideas for journaling prompts and inspiration for design elements (color, stories, inspiration!). To solve the case, you need to make a scrapbook page using all five colours in the Scheme, at least three pieces of Evidence and at least one from Testimony.

All four ArtyFarty detectives solved the case this week. First up is Trina, with this fun-filled page showing her niece Lauren blowing out her birthday candles ...

I love the composition of this page, with the bunting and balloons and the sweet little book Trina made all tied up with twine, and she's used photo corners from the Georgie stamp set to frame her picture. But how did she crack the case???

  • Scheme: check
  • Evidence: polka dots, plaid, banner, scallops, doilies, decorative borders
  • Testimony: the journalling is written inside the little book

Next up is something completely different - our first ever digi page!! This one was designed by my son Tom, and I must say that watching him put it together was a revelation to me - the things you can do with a pooter when you know how! Lots of ideas in the pipeline - watch this space :o)

Tom's page is about our dear old funny old cat Archie. Sadly, he's no longer with us, but we have many fond memories of him, and this is one of them ...

I really like this simple composition, the different textures and the beautiful background. Tom didn't use any digi kits, he just manipulated images from the internet - and also used several elements from the Georgie stamp set, such as the cute eyeglasses perched on Archie's nose. I love how his little feet are reaching over the polaroid frame. So, what clues did Tom follow??

  • Scheme: check
  • Evidence: polka dots, plaid, banner, eyeglasses, book pages (background texture), watercolour
  • Testimony: journaling is written in the little book

Amanda's page features a rather scary picture of her son Daniel - very appropriate as we are approaching Hallowe'en, although apparently this wasn't Hallowe'en at all!

I love how there are so many fun details to find on this page -  and lots of little clues to the story behind it, like the doodling around the words on the book pages. What a clever idea to incorporate the Case File clues into the journaling. And I really like the splashes of "blood" to finish it off!

  • Scheme; check
  • Evidence: polka dots, plaid, doily, scallops, book pages, metal
  • Testimony: journaling written as a table of contents, IW "Cozy"!

And finally, here's my page, showing a picture of Tom on his 30th birthday, with my DH John ...

This was my favourite of the October Case Files and I had loads of fun with it as you can see! You know that thing where you've pulled out loads of stash for a page and you kind of get carried away and want to use ALL of it? That's what happened here! But did I solve the case???

  • Scheme: check
  • Evidence: polka dots, clouds, banner, metal, book pages, decorative border, doily, scallops
  • Testimony: my journalling is written inside the little green book tucked behind the photo

We had a great time playing over at CSI this month - why not have a go at a couple of case files yourself? When you're done, post your page in the gallery and you could even win one of the wonderful prizes on offer. You have until 13th November to solve this one - click here to see how the CSI Detectives did it.

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Lisca said…
I've only just seen the new challenge and I like the colors. I think I'll play along this month as the first one always has the longest tme available.
Every lay out is different. How lucky you are to have Tom to show you how to digi scrap! I have dabbled for ages and I really need to get to grips with PSE (I have an old version). I promised myself if I learn how to use it this winter I will reward myself with a new(ish) version.
I love Amanda's take. It's quite original. And I had to laugh at yours and your comment on it. I can really see you get out all the stash that could be appropriate and then use the whole lot!
Thanks for visiting me earlier,
Have a good week,
Well, I LOVE all these layouts, Annie, but I must say my favourite must be the one featuring Archie. What can I say, I have soft spot for cats! Genius idea to make the kitty reach out of the photo frame and give him reading glasses! The story book with the journalling is a brilliant idea as well! Tom is a natural at this! I also love how you went to town with all the embellishments on your page! I answered your question about the clear gesso on my blog. The gist of it is that gel medium wouldn't work the same way and it may be better to use white gesso instead. A very thin layer would still be translucent. I've done it that way myself a couple of times, though there's a danger that you lose some of the details, but you can always draw them back. Enjoy your play!
Lizzy Hill said…
These are fabulous!! Love the different takes, especially the digi page....& that writing in a book element ---- used so well on these projects:)
Val-Belle said…
Wow these are all so cool. LOVE Toms digi layout. Awesome. I also love the case files. Makes me go outside the box. All fabulous layouts and I love seeing you back at CSI. I do miss you <3