Wreck This Journal - Test Page

 Oh dear! I'm really not doing very well at keeping up with my blog am I? It's not that I haven't been doing anything creative, it's just that I haven't made the time to blog about it and I'm annoyed with myself! :)

Since I last posted on here in June, I have been very busy on my You Tube channel and Instagram, where I post videos and pictures several times a week, but this blog is more like a journal for myself, where I can record my arty-farty adventures to look back on later, so I'm going to make another effort to keep it up.

To catch up a little bit, I'm going to post something on here every day, covering some of the different things I've been working on over the last few weeks and months - just for the record ...

Wreck This Journal continues to be a favourite, especially when I feel like just playing. Here's one I did back in June, inspired by a page posted on Instagram by @clair96bel -

The prompt was, "Use this as a test page for every colour you can get your hands on" and Clair had the idea of creating a test card like we used to see on the telly between programmes years ago. I thought this was a fab idea, so that's my take on it.

It ended up taking quite a time, but I really enjoyed using lots of different media - paint pens, highlighter markers, matt graphite and coloured pencils - and I think it ended up looking fun and colourful in my WTJ :)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon! 

Annie xo


Rushd Lady said…
Joanne's quirky characters were the first art doll videos I saw on YouTube and I fell in love with her style. Since then, I've found others, like yourself, who has quirky characters of their own. smile! I discovered doing the Positivity Journal videos, that people expected me to have a gratitude blog post all ready to go, so they could go read what I had written in my journal that month. So I would keep a draft post going on my dashboard of all the stuff I had written in my journal until the day I posted the video and then it was a matter of adding a still photo and publishing the post while the video was uploading on YouTube.