Technicolour Seascape

 Hello and welcome to my craft-room blog, 

Yesterday I tried another class from the Art Bundle For Good #6 - this one was with Jenny Buchanan from Blue Beach House Art and it was my first ever go at a seascape ...

This was such an enjoyable class and full of tips about colour-mixing, blending and different brush techniques. Jenny explained everything really clearly and made the whole process feel so easy.

We used acrylic paints in a fairly limited palette of pthalo blue, pthalo green, cobalt blue, hansa yellow light, alizarin crimson and titanium white. Here's a speeded-up video of my process if you would like to watch how it came together. 

It's a long way from perfect (top of the wave isn't right, colour's a bit lairy and the seawash looks more like that caul fat they wrap around faggots) but I'm really looking forward to having another go by myself and I feel confident that practice will make perfect - or at least better :)

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon :)

Annie xo