Garden Accessories by Mad Max

It's 4am and nearing the end of another long, sleepless night (chest infection triggered my asthma, and now to add insult to injury - antibiotics triggered certain gastrointestinal effects which I won't go into here!). 
The birds are singing their little socks off....maybe that's why you never see birds with socks on. 
Anyway, hopefully they are singing in another beautiful day, even if I have to spend some of it catching up on my sleep! 
There is just a gentle breeze stirring the wind chimes we have hanging from the tree in our garden.
They were made for us by our friend Peter, who scavenges odd bits of unwanted metal, wood and anything else he thinks he might find a use for and "upcycles" them into wondrous new things. His garden is full of fabulous sculptures and he has an amazing fire pit made out of scrap metal, complete with a really ingenious cooking rack. It's been the focal point of many happy gatherings and we had expressed serious fire pit envy...then one day, Peter turned up with this
Our very own upcycled chiminea - a chiminea like Mad Max would make and we love it! It works really well and came with its own little cooking rack which fits inside (so we can pretend we're not just lighting a fire for fun), a custom made poker (because poking the fire is half the fun) and even a stack of wood to start us off. It was such a lovely present - thanks Pete!


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Nice Garden Accessories . thanks for sharing.