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This is some of the sloe gin which I started last winter - isn't it BEAUTIFUL?! I'm like a proud mother or something. As you can see, it wouldn't all fit into the bottle, so I just had to sample the leftovers...mmmmm!!!

We had some very fruitful walks during September/October/November last year and judging by the blossom so far, 2012 will another good year for foraging.
There are loads of recipes online for sloe gin, but this is a really interesting site full of all sorts of "make your own" ideas http://www.makingyourown.co.uk
I was really surprised at how easy it is to make your own liqueurs. This year I also want to try sloe whisky and maybe a Rumtopf - but that's another story...
Last year we made a version of the Italian Limoncello - we called it John & Annie Claxton's Lethal Lemon Liqueur and gave away tiny bottles of it as favours for the male guests at our wedding picnic.

I was so chuffed to find these little bottles from http://www.miniatureglassbottles.co.uk/ - they were so helpful and even the little tags were included.


For each litre of vodka you will need:
5 large unwaxed lemons
750g sugar.

Pare the zest from the lemons and put into a large clean jar with a lid
Pour over the vodka.
Make a sugar syrup with the sugar and 700ml water
Cool and add to the vodka and lemon peel
Shake the jar each day for 2 weeks
Strain through muslin and bottle


Linda Eggleton said…
Wow, these look really yummy & the lethal lemon lequeur sounds so easy! Enjoy the fruits of your labour....lol
Linda Eggleton said…
Sorry...I forgot to answer your question you left on my blog.
For the chicken wire masking on my layout, I used the Crafters Workshop chicken wire template. Most scrapbooking shops should sell it .....
Annie Claxton said…
Thanks Linda - I'm off to do a bit of virtual browsing right now!