I've been having a lovely time with Shrink Plastic! Haven't played with this since I was a kid and the 4 of us used to fight over who got the little Shrinky from the cereal box....aaah those were the days, they should start putting them in Special K for grown ups - you could collect mobile charms - they are definitely missing a marketing opportunity there!
Anyway, here are the little charms I made last night ...
The detail doesn't show up too well here (photography is not my best thing!) but I've put a penny in to give you an idea of scale.

  • They were mostly done by stamping with stazon then cutting around the image before shrinking. 
  • The metallic ones were mostly die cut, then covered with clear pigment ink and embossing powder before being heated, so they were shrunk and embossed at the same time - WELL cool!!! 
  • I didn't have a crown stamp or die which would have come out big enough, so just hand cut one from paper to use as a template - may have to bling that one up a bit!
  • I still want to try some colouring pencils on a stamped outline, see how that comes out. Sharpies didn't work too well for me, except for drawing the crown outline.
  • I definitely found the opaque cream version easier to work with than the clear, but I guess that depends on what effect you're after...
  • One VERY useful tip - if you are going to want a hole in the charm. I'm going to put jump rings though these to go on a scrapbook page or whatever.