Little Miracles

Despite the lack of sunshine so far this summer, I am happy to report that the garden is bursting into life regardless. It never fails to fill me with wonder when we put a handful of tiny brown things in the ground and a few weeks later - POW!!! new life begins to emerge. How amazing is that?!
Here is our tiny veg plot last spring. My husband used all the bits of broken brick and flint which we'd dug out of it to make a little pathway in the shape of an "A" (aaaw, did you see what he did there?!)
It doesn't look much, but you'd be amazed how many fruit and veg we managed to grow in there. Here it is a few weeks later
This year we hope to do even better, and possibly squeeze some veggies in amongst the flower beds too, in the best cottage garden tradition! I have loads of herbs in pots too, some of which soldiered on all through the winter, to my surprise. It's so good to be able to nip out and pick a few herbs when you need them - makes me feel all Earth Motherly!