A Toucan of My Affection!

It's become a bit of a running joke that when my husband says "token" in his Norfolk accent it sounds to me like "toucan" - well, to be fair, I probably find this joke funnier than he does, but he takes it in good part.
Anyway, I made him this 3-D sort of card-in-a-box which he's stashed away with his little collection of cards which I've made him since we met just over two years ago. Here it is, next to the "Toucan of My Affection" I gave him at Christmas (because he asked me if we were really going to just do "toucan" presents hehehe)
I was quite chuffed with how it turned out - the box was made from one sheet of scrapbook cardstock which I cut using an old gift box as a template and the toucan was made with scraps of card, feathers and a boggly eye. Thecute little wooden toucan was only 99p from eBay! But he doesn't know that ...