Hello everyone and happy WOYWW :)
 I'm having such a lovely day so far - just sat in the early morning sunshine with my breakfast coffee, listening to the birds and watching the antics of the magpies. 
What a beautiful world we live in ... maybe I should get up earlier and try to start every day like this....hmmmm

Anyway, back to the business in hand - I'm not sure if this counts, but I can't use the camera today, so I'm going to post this picture I took a while ago of something you wouldn't usually see on my workdesk - my husband John! 
It's not a great picture as I was in such a hurry to capture the moment, and I can't remember what he was doing now - some kind of man-crafting! He has actually waded in to help several times when I've had big batches of stuff to do, and became quite a dab-hand (so to speak!) at chalking the edges of the flowers on our wedding invites...
Since then, my desk has accumulated a lot more semi-permanent clutter - these days, John rarely ventures in here, except to hoover the tiny floor space which is left, empty the bin (with caution, because he knows now that not all rubbish is actually rubbish!) and sometimes to bring me a G&T, which is a subtle way of telling me that I've been "playing in my room" for hours and it's time to start cooking dinner!

Now I'm off to have a snout at everybody else's workdesks over at Julia's Stamping Ground

Happy scrapping! Annie :)


KatzElbows said…
He helps out and brings you a G&T? Wow, definitely a keeper!

I love your 12 essential scrapping tools. It's exactly the thing I love finding out about people. May have to add something similar to my blog.

cheers, rachel #19
Hazel said…
Sounds as if you're well looked after. (Your link was wrong, but I managed to find your post). Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #87 x
Miriam said…
Blimey, you get G&T and you are looked after - enjoy!
SophieNewton said…
Man-crafting, I love it ;-)
Sophie no.93
Anonymous said…
Ha! I have a hubby who sneaks in my craft space too, only he's not so secretive about it, he's always using my stuff and has expensive tastes too! He only uses up the best bits of card and paper that I've been saving for a special project!

Brenda 2
Minxy said…
Thanks for visiting my desk, Sorry i'm a bit late.
I too love to watch all the birdies in the morning, the perfect way to start a day, so long as its not raining lol
Hugz Minxy #11
Annie Claxton said…
Oh dear, I'm losing the plot! always in too much of a rush - must have got my links in a twist! Sorry but thanks for persevering - I'll get it right next time :)
Lavinia said…
Morning is the best time of day for bird activity here, we have a big garden with lots of different trees so we are lucky & get lots of different species, love watching the birdies!..A man doing man craft in your room! How strange! ;)but good he hoovers up for you!
Lavinia #5
Julia Dunnit said…
He hooveers and brings G+t...??? I want him..at least, share!!!