Constable Country

We've just come home from a lovely peaceful (and sunshiney!) few days in beautiful Constable Country
Here's me in Suffolk ...
... and John in Essex! No, we weren't on separate holidays - but we stayed in Cavendish, which is very close to the border between the two counties, so we were able to have a little stroll from Suffolk to Essex and back before dinner on our first evening.
There were so many roses everywhere we went - I've never seen so many and the air was full of their fragrance. Look at this delicious colour combination we passed on the walk to Essex
We saw so many beautiful chocolate box buildings - here's another one we walked past that evening
There were also LOTS of interesting opportunites for retail therapy - here's my haul
The wooden display case was only £3 in a fantastic four storey antique/memorabilia store at Clare, where I also found the Victorian style paper scraps for £1, the length of previously loved net £1 and MY FAVOURITE the Royal Albert cake stand - I've wanted one for so long and at £22 it would have been churlish not to because it will go perfectly with my Granny's china which I still love and use every day.
The napkins and book of fabric design postcards were in a sale in a National Trust shop - well it IS for charity! At the Bead Emporium in Long Melford I picked up just a handful of beads, then my husband spotted the Really Useful set of tiny drawers, so that was HIS fault!
Here's a close up of the beads - gorgeous! - they give you a little basket to fill and a tiny clipboard to fill in the prices as you go (very good way to keep husbands busy whilst you're browsing)
Some time ago, we bought a huge ring bound sketchbook which I intend to turn into a journal of our adventures, which we can both add to - John's the one with a sense of direction and nice handwriting, I'll just do the pretty bits! So many projects, so little time....