Getting Organised!

Last weekend I joined the bloghop at Jennifer's Jumbles Organisation Celebration. It was my first ever bloghop - I had lots of fun and it really got me thinking about how I could better organise things to make life better/easier and create more time for the nicer bits!
One of the many ideas I decided to try is to have a massive cooking session on Saturdays and freeze meals for the rest of the week, so I don't have to spend an hour every evening cooking dinner from scratch.
I went and bought some cheap plastic food tubs, dug out some sticky labels from the back of a drawer and worked out a week's worth of meals, including packed lunches and snacks.
The shopping has been ordered online, so no trawling around the supermarket, and best of all, my husband has offered to do the rest of the housework whilst I am doing the big cooking session - BONUS! :)
All of this should save loads of  time, which I will now be able to spend relaxing with aforementioned husband or doing a bit of cuttin and stickin - WATCH THIS SPACE - I'll let you know how it goes ...


Julie Baswell said…
Now that's organization teamwork! All I have been able to cook ahead so far is 1 pound bags of ground beef. Very handy for fast spagetti or taco cassarole.
That sounds really good. I am going to have look at that too. I like to be organised but I am too disorganised to find the time to organise myself! lol! I can't work out how to follow your blog. I would like to so if there is a way to can you let me know. Thanks for popping by to see me too. jenx
Jennifer Grace said…
Looks great Annie, I'm glad you're getting organised! I'll look forward to seeing how it goes. Thanks for linking up to the challenge! x