Strawberry Disaster!

We had a lovely time in Suffolk, but I always love to come home and the first thing I did was to check on the garden - there was very little rain whilst we were away, but I needn't have worried as everything was fine and our green babies had survived very well without us.
I picked a lovely big bowlful of strawberries which we had for tea
No, that isn't a disaster, but this is
We accept that we lose about half our crop to the birds, squirrels, slugs, mice and other tiny visitors who share our garden, but to see them just rotting like that was heartbreaking. I can only think that it might be because of the glass frames we put over them in a sort of lean-to arrangement, to try to keep the birds off a bit, so we've taken them off now and we'll see what happens...
The good ones are VERY good though! May even have a go at some jam :)