Bargain Hunting

I've been wanting a bigger non-stick craft mat for ages (the one I have is teflon coated like the one Tim Holtz uses, which is brilliant, but mine is the size of a postage stamp) and I've just been too much of a cheapskate to pay £15-ish for it. Then Sallyanne at work told me about a roll of non-stick silicone material she had bought for lining baking tins, which only cost her £16! So that got me thinking and I've just been on eBay and bought one of these
oh dear, tiny picture, but you get the idea - these come in the 4 colours you see here (I chose blue), measure 40cm by 28cm,withstand temperatures up to 230, are non-stick and dishwasher safe and it only cost me £2.51 including the p&p - so not too much of a gamble - I'll let you know how it works ...