Jay Peg

Wow! Living where we do, surrounded by trees in the very peaceful grounds of an old hall (that is, we live in the Caretaker's Cottage, not camped out in the grounds like wombles or something!), we spend a lot of time watching wildlife - squirrels, hedgehogs, deer, foxes, mice and all kinds of birds, but John and I couldn't believe it last night when 6 (or possibly 7) jays arrived for their regular early evening snack and drink at the birdbath. I've cheated and pinched this Jpeg (hence the title) off the internet as I didn't dare move to get the camera in case I scared them off.
Here's an amazing picture John managed to get a few weeks ago though, of some more regular visitors to our bird table - look closely between the two squirrels and you'll see a tiny field mouse joining in the feast - what are the chances?!

Well it looks like another beautiful day - the birds sound very happy about it and so am I - especially as it's my day off! WooHOOO - bit of a potter in the garden, put some washing out and then spend the rest of the day in my workroom ... bliss!


Redanne said…
Wow Annie, I do so envy you having Jays in the garden, I have not seen any for years, they are so beautiful too, great photos. Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment, well done for getting your tag done with an asthma inhaler - a straw was hard enough! Crafty hugs, Anne x
Annie Claxton said…
Thanks Anne, yes we do feel very lucky with our little family of jays - I can hear them chattering away now, it always sounds like they're squabbling - maybe they are. Doesn't the next Tim tag look gorgeous? I've been cut off from the internet for a bit so haven't seen what everyone's up to yet ... Annie x