Nature Takes Its Course

Yesterday morning, a pair of Blackbirds were having breakfast in our garden as usual, when a Sparrow Hawk took the male by surprise. Within a few minutes, there was nothing left but his beak, his feet and some feathers and the Sparrow Hawk wasn't the least perturbed when John went out to take a picture.
The strange part was that the female Blackbird sat on the fence just three feet away,watching the whole time - she flew off when John went out, so we will never know what she would have done when the Sparrow Hawk finished her gruesome business ... 
I do understand that it's all part of the natural order of things, but it was sad to see that little scrap of life wiped out so suddenly and I will miss seeing and hearing him in the garden.
It also makes me very grateful that we are at the top of the food chain and there are no giant Sparrow Hawks!


I know what you mean :( My dog (which I love dearly)killed a wild baby rabbit and put it in a hole in the backyard . Made me so sad, but I know it was just his instinct. Luckily my BF saw it before I did. I would have cried my eyes out . I love animals so much.