Due to the disappointing lack of sunshine this year, we've ended up with a glut of green tomatoes ...
... but always look on the bright side - this was an opportunity to make some Green Tomato Chutney from a lovely old recipe book I rescued from somewhere ...
... here's the recipe. I had to adapt quite a bit - John doesn't like dried fruit so the raisins were out, and I didn't have enough apples - but then I remembered we had a pineapple to use up (BOGOFF deal at the supermarket), so I put that in, added extra chilli, lime instead of lemon and some spices. Hopefully I've achieved a kind of spicy oriental twist on the original.
Several hours later, the whole house smelled of vinegar and spices and I had proudly produced these EIGHT jars of Green Tomato and Pineapple Chutney with Ginger and Chilli!
It was midnight by the time I'd got the jars filled and then I thought I really ought to try some to make sure it was ok - which meant I had to make cheese on toast to go with it (obviously) - a midnight feast YUM!