Harvest Festival!

Here are a couple more new stars in our garden this year
Firstly, I would like to introduce Madame Aubergine, in her luscious deep purple shiny coat, who put in a late appearance due to the lack of sunshine this year - hopefully she'll have time to come to her full potential before the frosts arrive!
Secondly, we have another late arrival (although to be fair we had no idea when to expect him really, if at all) the very handsome Globe Artichoke - never tried growing these before, but I have great hopes that when he grows up he will make an excellent Antipasti or a vehicle for some delicious Hollandaise Sauce ... mmmmmm.....
And finally, you will have to look carefully to spot this visitor who likes to sit in our strawberry patch (hopefully feasting on the slugs and snails who loiter there) - Mr Toad! (or is it frog, never very sure...?) The grass has gone over his eye so it's harder to pick  him out. You can click on the image to "biggen" it  (I do know that's not really a word but it should be!)
Ok that's it for now, have a lovely sunshiney day :)
Annie x