Every Day You Make Me Happy - CSI #42

I was so short of time this week that I nearly didn't do this week's case for CSI but the colours were so tempting I couldn't resist a quick dabble. It only took me a couple of hours, which is very quick for me -

  • 30 mins rummaging about in my stash, 
  • 60 mins shuffling stuff about on the page, 
  • 30 mins eating cake and looking at the page 
  • 30 mins to stick it all down...
  • oh another 15 mins trying to get good photo of it! 

But anyway, here is the Case File (you can click on it to enlarge)
The colours are the sort of "muted brights" which I love to work with - you have to use all 5 in the Scheme to solve the case. You also have to use at least 2 pieces of Evidence and 1 of Testimony.
Here's my Speedy Solution
The gorgeous background paper made it easy peasy really.
My Evidence: wood grain; texture paste; polka dots; flowers;
My Testimony: I journalled around the edge of the page in white pen as follows,
"The secret to happiness isn't about looking for that one big thing ... it's about finding joy in the countless small things every day"
I've tucked a page from my diary - remember remember 5th November 2010 - in under the LHS ... that was the night John proposed to me after we'd know each other a whole three months! I said yes straight away of course and I might write a bit more about it on the diary page - but I will need a bit longer to think about that!
Thanks for looking - check out CSI for some amazing inspiration.
TTFN :o)