Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pea Pods for Tag Tuesday

The theme this week is "Seed Heads and Seed Pods" and I had all sorts of arty farty ideas I was going to do with honesty from the garden - it's just at the stage where the seed heads have gone all pretty and papery ...
but no, it just would not work out how it did in my head, so I had to Think Again ... and I think that pea pods are still seed pods so this isn't really cheating ...
It's photographed against one of my gardening books - inspiration for the herb garden I'm intending to create next year - the tag is cut from a vintage advert to look like a seed packet, then I made the pea pods from scrapbook paper, wrapping it around beads to make the pea shapes. Luckily the paper was quite heavy weight so happily bent into shape.
If you would like to have a nose what everyone else came up with, just go over to Tag Tuesday - always inspiring with so many different takes on the same theme. It's BRILLIANT!!!

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