Paper Dolls

Here's a card I just made for my sister Mandy

I spotted this fab paper doll image on Graphics Fairy (click on the pale blue button to the RHS of the screen) and I couldn't resist it.

She looks so much like Mandy did when she was little and we always loved those paper dolls...

Here's her back view from inside the card

And I paperclipped the extra outfits to the back page.

Hope Mandy likes it xxx


Sian said…
Thanks for dropping by my blog for the Frosty Festivities!

I absolutely love your card - I have a whole book of these "Dolly Dingle" paper dolls I bought years ago. I'm a big fan of paper dolls and I hope you don't mind if I pin your card to my Dressing Dolls Pinterest board?
Annie Claxton said…
Hi Sian - it was a pleasure to check out your blog, it's fab! thanks very much for your kind words about my card - I'd be very happy for you to pin it (I've never been pinned before and only just started trying to get my head around Pinterest in fact):o)