Toot toot!

Welcome to my first Tootorial Toosday!

Every week, I plan to share a new idea or technique with you - it might be something I worked out for myself, or it might be something I found somewhere and tried out (in which case I will give full credit to the original genius and may be post pictures of my version!)
This week I'm starting with a fairly simple idea which I've used a LOT since I first discovered it ...

Cuttlebug Bottletops!!!

I had seen similar ideas on YouTube and experimented with what I had available - have a go yourself - it's so much fun!
Here's an example of the kind of gorgeous trinkets you can produce yourself at virtually no cost at all
 This is what you need
Some Beer Bottle Tops - about a quid from the Home Brew section at our local supermarket, some scrap paper, a 1" circle punch makes life easier, plus pva glue and Glossy Accents might be handy
You also need your Cuttlebug of course, with 2 B plates and 1 A plate
Arrange the bottletops frilly side up on a B plate (you can do 6 at a time) - then make your Cuttlebug sandwich with the A plate, the B plate with the bottletops and another B plate on top
Wind this sandwich through your Cuttlebug ...
And ta-Dah! this is what will come out the other end ...

...squished bottletops!
I prefer to pull off the plastic liner ...
... so it looks like this, just begging for embellishment!
Use your punch to cut lots of circles
Try them for size in your bottletops
 Then seal them if you like

 using these stick-on transparent domes

 or if you don't have any, you can use Glossy Accents

Which will look like this at first
but will dry to a clear coating
Here's another look at the finished product - I've used patterned papers, stickers, rub-ons, paper flowers, washi tape and gems to finish these ones , but there are so many ideas to try - what about cutting photos to fit inside the bottletops? Or fill them with glitter, beads or watch parts before sealing with Glossy Accents. You can also colour the rims with Sharpie pens to coordinate with your choice of pp.

Please let me know what you think of my first Toot!

Next week, I have a Big Idea about Toilet Rolls - so start saving them now if you want to have a go!

TFL :0)