CSI Special Investigator

Woohoo! I was very VERY excited indeed when Debbi Tehrani invited me to be a Special Investigator for CSI this month!
I'm still pinching myself - it really is a huge thrill to see my pages featured alongside the amazing work done by the CSI Detectives (design team). Have a look at the Big Reveal for Case File #49 to see for yourself - if you've not checked out CSI before, I promise you'll be impressed and inspired.
Here's how it works - each week a new Case File gives you a Scene, Scheme, Evidence and Testimony. Here is #49 (you can click on the image to enlarge it)
The Scene is the image which inspired the Case File. In order to solve the Case, you have to

  • Use all the colours in the Scheme
  • Use at least two pieces of Evidence
  • Use at least one piece of Testimony
For each Case File, Michele Singh creates a set of CSI Coordinates - these are gorgeous free printables which you can download as a PDF, save to your pooter and print off to use as you like (digi scrappers also do amazing stuff with them). They are brilliant and always include some little accent images, some journalling spots and some background pp - FAB!
This time I had to get my layout ready ahead of time for the Reveal, so couldn't use the Coordinates, but I will be saving them anyway to use at another time :o)
So here's my solution to Case #49 (again you can click on the image to enlarge it)

The Scheme: I used all the colours, which were perfectly suited for a page about our wedding
My Evidence: numbers; punches; rhinestones; buttons; ribbon and lace
My Testimony: I used the inspiration word "count" - in the run-up to our DIY wedding last year, my head was full of numbers (120 guests, 12 dozen tray bakes, 100m of bunting etc etc). My journalling is written down the RHS and reads as follows
"One of the new skills we had to learn for our DIY wedding day was floristry - a real challenge! 
12 table centres
3 church arrangements
12 pew bows
3 buttonholes
2 corsages
1 bridal bouquet
The large flower is one of 65 which I crocheted for the ladies' favour bags, the rhinestones were some of those which we sprinkled on the tables, one of the buttonhole pins is tucked in above the photo and there is some of the glittered organza ribbon from my bouquet attached to the crochet flower - I love how scrapping gives you a way to use all these bits and bobs you don't want to throw away!

You can see why I love CSI (Color Stories Inspiration) - the colour combinations get your creative juices flowing, then the inspiration part motivates you to try different techniques and products and have a good dig around in all that stash you've been hoarding, and perhaps most importantly you're encouraged to tell your story, so it's really helped me get over my journalling block. And of course all the support and inspiration from fellow scrappers ... What's not to love? :o)

ps I also had to undergo an Interrogation and provide an ID photo - here's my Special Investigator Profile on CSI - cringing a bit looking at it now to be honest - I just waffled on for far too long (nothing new there) and didn't even remember to say thank you! How rude! 

Ok I'm off to start investigating Case File #50 now ... sssshhhhh! 

Thanks for looking :o)

Annie x