Finding Mr Right ...

... and solving CSI Case File #50! This is my second week as CSI Special Investigator for December - all very exciting! Here's the Case File (click on the image to enlarge)

Pop over for a look at the Case File #50 reveal, where you can find more detailed clues to solving the case, download the fabulous CSI Coordinates ( free printables specially designed each week by Michele Singh) and see all the inspirational pages designed by the CSI Detectives - can't tell you how chuffed I am to see my stuff alongside the work of people whose work I find so inspiring - wooHOO! Still can't quite believe it (maybe they made a mistake ... maybe they asked the wrong Annie or something but now they're to polite to say!?) Anyway enough waffle! Here's my page

I thought this beautifully subtle colour palette was perfect for a boy page. This is all about my Mr Right - we found each other via eHarmony in 2010, married in 2011 and are now Living Happily Ever After!
The Scheme: Used all the colours, added a splash of warm colour to balance the photo (10% allowed!)
The Evidence: wood; fabric; something that melts; stitching; stripes; something transparent; string; metal

Here you can see some of my Evidence - the wooden peg, some drips of melted sealing wax and the fabric effect pp with real stitching. You can also see part of the tick box list written around the edge of the page
The Testimony: I chose to list 8 important things about my Mr Right and wrote them around the edge of the page in the form of a tick list. Along the bottom I have written "As soon as we met, I knew that you would tick all my boxes! <3 x"

The background was misted through a cogs and gears mask  with some stamping over the  top.  More evidence here - the stripes on the washi tape, more stitching on the pp and the wood effect alphas.
Mr Right actually helped me to finish this page, by deciding where the final elements needed to go - you know how sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes? Normally I'd have left it on my workdesk for a few days and gone back to it later but NO TIME FOR THAT this week as I needed to send it to Debbi at CSI before the Big Reveal. So John helped me move stuff about on the page until we were happy with it.
One last close-up
More Evidence here - the transparent letter "J" shows up better, the string wrapped around it (to hide the sticky dot), the little wooden kiss on the chipboard heart, the buttons are also transparent.
I think secretly John's itching to have a go himself - maybe one day we'll be cuttin and stickin side by side! He WAS pretty handy with the wedding invites and the bunting and favour wrapping ...
Well, that was a much longer post than I intended - thanks for looking!
Annie x :o)