Happy Birthday Tom!

I met up with my younger son Tom today - he came up from London on the train and we met in Norwich for lunch at the new Jamie Oliver Italian place - YUM! I still can't bend in the middle but it was worth it :o)

Anyway, Tom happened to mention that his birthday card (which I lovingly created and sent to him at the beginning of October) didn't arrive - or possibly it did, and was pinched by another tenant in the hope that there might be some cash inside. There wasn't, thank goodness.
They probably lit a fag with it or something. Hey ho ...

As it happens, I took a photo of the card, so I promised Tom I would post it on here so he could see it - here you go Tom Happy Birthday! and thanks for a lovely day :o)
(in the middle you can see one of the squished bottle tops I was telling you about)
and here's the inside (with some of the washi tape I was also telling you about)
Love from Mum XXX :o)