Crafty New Year's Resolutions

I have lots of ideas which I have promised myself I will try and turn into reality this STARTING NOW!! :o)

#1 Organise my workroom - I am lucky enough to have the little spare room of our tiny cottage all to myself and it is stuffed to the gills with STASH. (that's my window, above the door there)

These days, thanks to the inspiration of online challenges, I do make the most of all the stuff I've accumulated over the years, and it's sort of organised chaos in there but I can find most things quite quickly

BUT I would love to get some proper shelving in there, display it all nicely, maybe even leave enough floor space for a camp bed which my sons can use when they come to stay ... well, that might be a tad ambitious but I like to aim high!
#2 keep up with all the online and magazine challenges and continue to learn and be inspired by them (click on the tab at the top to see my challenges page)
#3 Do something with my tags - I've had a great time making tags this year and love the idea of trying out new ideas on a tiny scale - but I have a HUGE pile now (of tags, not a haemorrhoid obviously) - these are a few of them ...
So, my plan is to combine this resolution with ...
#4 Start my Art Journal - Sally gave me this fab book last birthday and I've been too chicken to get started, but I think it would be a great place to display the tags
It has a plain cover, begging to be altered and this is the inside, with pockets and space for notes and experiments

#5 - last but not least - I also have a gorgeous (but empty) Smash Book which I treated myself to last Spring  - time to get stuck into that as well. Here it is in all its pristine glory

There are so many inspirational videos on YouTube and so many cute bits and pieces you can get to go in these, I really don't know why mine is still empty!

Watch this space!!!

Happy 2013 everyone and good luck with all your endeavours :o)