First Day

Well, after a lot of unexpected drama one way and another this week, I only just got Case File #54 finished in time to post on CSI - I really wanted to have a go at this one as I love the colours and also the sketch from Emma Stafrace. Here's the Case File (you can click on it to enlarge the image)

As you can see, the Scene is the image which has inspired the Case File this week. In order to solve the case, you must use all the colours in the Scheme, at least 2 pieces of Evidence and 1 piece of Testimony. Also there will now be a sketch from Emma Stafrace on the second week of each month. To see more of Emma's fab sketches, have a look at her sketch blog Page Drafts. Each week you will find a new set of CSI Coordinates to help you solve the case - these are free printable papers and decorative elements designed by the amazing Michele Singh
So, this is my solution to this week's Case File
My stepgrandson Bailey was SO excited about his first day at school. Here he is in his new uniform, with his book bag and one of his famous ear-to-ear grins!
The Scheme: I've used all the colours
The Sketch: was such a joy to follow, I will most surely be using it again - thanks Emma!
The Evidence: punched circles; polka dots; tickets; mixed media background; string (well, twine)
The Testimony: word collage; journalling stamped onto a ticket.

That was lots of fun, even though I couldn't start it until the eleventh hour! But right now I need to go catch up on some sleep ... zzz :o)