Re: Throwing Caution to the Wind!

Well! I got in a right strop last weekend trying to solve Case File#57 over at CSI - I think because this particular page meant such a lot to me I just wanted it to be perfect ... Here's the Case File (click on the image to enlarge it)
Each week Debbi Tehrani comes up with a new Case File inspired by an image such as this one. The idea is that in order to solve the case you must

  • use all five colours in the Scheme
  • use at least two pieces of Evidence
  • use at least one item of Testimony

On the second week of each month, you also have to use a sketch by the amazing Emma Stafrace (I first noticed her work in Scrap365 and always lover her pages) and every single week there is a set of CSI Coordinates to help you solve the Case (accents, images, journalling spots and background papers which you can download and print off or use for digi-scrapping if that's your thing) - these are designed by the talented Michele Singh for CSI members.

Ok, so now I'm going to show you a bad photo of my feeble attempt at this Case File and then I'll try to explain ... !

I thought the colours and theme would be a perfect opportunity to finally get around to doing something with all the lovingly hoarded emails John and I sent back and forth to each other during the very early days of our whirlwind romance. I always think it's just like my Granny would have kept love letters tied with ribbon in an old biscuit tin or something, I've kept mine in a Hotmail folder, but that's not very romantic is it?
So I had what I thought was a great idea but I REALLY struggled with it for several hours, tore it up and started again, still didn't like it, uploaded it to the CSI gallery anyway and BLOW ME !!! I've been picked as STAR WITNESS!!! wooHOO!!! :o)
I really can't believe it - I'm almost embarrassed to see this featured amongst so many really GOOD pages - having said that, it's made my day and that won't stop me proudly displaying my Star Witness badge on this blog! What a show-off :o) Also, I think there is a prize involved ... as I said in my previous post, my lucky star really is shining at the moment.
Thanks for looking and if you haven't already, check out CSI - it's brilliant and it's all free!
Annie x