Big Fat Diary!

Hi All,

Ok, so this is not a fun post AT ALL - I have just weighed myself this morning and faced the Terrible Truth ... 11.5 st!
That means that I have put on TWO STONES since John and I were married two years ago when I was 50 - BLIMEY!!! - it's got to STOP! If I continue at this rate, when I am 60 I will weigh 19.5 st for our 10th wedding anniversary.
The profile picture you see on the left is me on our wedding day in August 2011, but this is a picutre taken just last week in Cornwall (10 minutes before another big lunch). I'm the short fat one in the front - as you can see, my husband could completely hide behind me if he wasn't six feet tall! On the right is my sister Mandy, who is still very slim and always looks good.

There's no mystery to it - I love to cook, we have an indulgent life style, my work and hobbies are mostly sedentary and I enjoy my food and a glass of wine or three ... well not to beat about the bush; I'm a lazy greedy pig!
John is very supportive - he says he will love me whatever shape I am - but I don't love me and it's making me miserable.
So I've made a promise to myself to do something about it before our 3rd anniversary which is coming up this August, and I thought it might help to blog my intentions and my progress.
The plan is to aim to lose that two stone by August - a pound or two a week would be fine - and try to get into a healthier lifestyle so I can maintain it. My weight has 'yoyoed' a lot over the years and I know it affects my health - it makes my high blood pressure worse and my doctor says I must lower my cholesterol too.
First I'm going to try a general low-fat, low-carb, less alcohol approach and see how that goes, rather than faffing around counting calories and measuring stuff. If that doesn't do the trick then I may have to try a more structured diet, but we'll see...
I have also bought some of the fabled Green Coffee capsules and Colon Cleansing capsules which have been in the news a lot recently. As seen on TV with Dr Oz! Can't do any harm and you never know ...
Here they are on my kitchen table ready to go this morning, along with my green and white tea bags

Wish me luck and watch this space!
A :o) xxx