New Obsession!

You will probably have heard of Zentangle®, an art form and method created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas which enables you to create beautiful patterns one stroke at a time - it's not just doodling!
Read all about it at and you'll see what I mean. Rick and Maria also have a YouTube channel - their videos are fascinating to watch and explain the method really well.

 [NB just found out that if you hold down 'Alt' and then key 0174 on the number pad you get ® ! Isn't that amazing?]

It's worth checking out as well - lots of inspiration and support on there. You can sign up free for email updates when new patterns are posted and if you make a donation to the upkeep of the site (it worked out under a tenner in English money and PayPal does it all for you safely) you can get the 2013 Tangle Patterns Guide. This is a pdf which lists all the tangle patterns in alphabetical order and has links back  to the relevent posts so you can see the instructions and examples. I've saved it to my desktop and whenever I get a few minutes I can have a go at another one until I've done them all and then maybe I will start inventing my own!
Here are some of my first attempts

One of the best things about Zentangle for me is that all you only need -

Small squares of paper (called 'tiles')
Fine pen

- and you can tangle anywhere! And the other best thing is that it is totally relaxing, because you're concentrating on one stroke at a time.

Cool! :o)