Who Am I?

The colours in this week's Case File #65 over at CSI are so fun and summery, they make you feel happy just to look at them - check it out (click on the image to enlarge so you can read it)
CSI stands for "Color, Stories, Inspiration" and telling your story is probably the most important part. This month's Case Files have had me doing some serious soul-searching and scrapping about myself (which is not something I do very often).
Debbi Tehrani (CSI Mastermind) finds a new Scene to investigate each week, and from this image she draws inspiration for the colours, design elements and journaling prompts. To solve the Case, you must use the following Clues

  • all the colours in the Scheme
  • at least two pieces of Evidence
  • at least one item of Testimony

You can also download the CSI Coordinates to help you - these are fabulous printable elements, journaling spots and patterned papers which are designer by the talented Michele Singh - and they're all archived so that CSI members can access them FREE at any time!
So, here's how I solved this Case (click on the image to enlarge if you like)
The Scheme: I used all the colours and added black (you're allowed neutrals and 10% accent colour).
The Evidence: stripes; spiral of bakers twine; mini brads; white space.
The Testimony: 3 sides of me; journal across 3 spots; IW personality, three, interest.
I've documented three distinctly different and often conflicting parts of my character as follows:

  1. "Blue sky thinker ... Creative ... Experimental ... Free" symbolised by the clouds
  2. "Workaholic ... Methodical ... Meticulous ... Responsible" represented by the bee
  3. "Nestmaker ... Practical ... Grounded ... Content" by the little house
If you haven't already look at CSI -  check it out now and prepare to be inspired! 
Thanks for looking :o) xxx


Jennifer Grace said…
I love your layered bits and pieces, and the different areas of journaling - great layout! x
Angela Toucan said…
lovely vibrant "about me" page
Annie Claxton said…
Thanks so much ladies - I love the challenges on CSI. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with your April Counterfeit Kits too :o)