Changes Afoot!

Great excitement - my long-awaited delivery from Storage 4 Crafts should arrive next Wednesday wooHOO! This is my shamefully messy desk as it is today
There is just about a two foot square left in the middle of the room for me to sit at the desk and it's becoming very difficult to find anything, even though it started off quite organised and I do tidy between projects and have a blitz from time to time. Here's another embarrassing picture
This workbench is just to the right of the desk and there is stuffed piled up underneath it and stuffed into the gap between desk and workbench. A little further to the right are these shelves, as well as tubs of stuff and a pile of "useful" cardboard

Continuing to follow the room around you can see some more shelves, some over-stuffed drawers and some cardboard storage boxes collapsing under the weight of too much patterned paper
This comes full circle back to the left of my desk. These pictures don't really show the full extent of the chaos that my workroom has become, because you can't see the floor - but take my word for it, its really really bad...
So anyway, I decided to splurge on some proper storage. I measured up carefully, drew up a plan on squared paper and worked out where everything could go. I bought a couple of cheap extra-deep shelving units from Sainsburys Online which were delivered in less than a week - those will do to house the tubs and some other bulky items. But the best bit is the purpose-built craft storage units from Storage 4 Crafts - it was very hard to choose which combos to go for, but I settled on a mixture of 1", 2" and 3.5" shallow drawers, 12" sloping paper shelves, a desk and a couple of other items which I hope will allow me to make an organised creative space. After a bit of a hiccup due to some parts not arriving from Canada, they finally phoned yesterday to arrange a delivery time and I'm SO excited!!!
Now the really hard work starts - clearing the space and putting the units together. The fun part will be putting it all back - can't wait! Watch this space :o)