Good things come to those who wait!

OMG!!! My long-awaited workroom storage units were delivered this morning - in TWENTY FOUR BOXES - they took up half the FEDEX lorry! Ever so slightly worried that all my measurements were in the wrong scale or something as my workroom really is very small. But anyway, here they are all stashed in the garage ...

... all we need to do now is clear my workroom (see previous post to get some idea of what a Big Job that's going to be); carry this lot into the cottage and up the teeny winding staircase; assemble the units; put them in place according to my Master Plan; and put everything away (the fun part).

That's my husband's exercise bike in the back of the garage - he can't get to it, but I don't think that's going to be a problem as he won't have any time or energy left for any of that this bank holiday weekend! It will be an interesting test of our nearly two years marriage to see whether we can get through it without falling out, especially as we're both a bit OCD and have our own ways we like to do things ...

You can just make out the website in this picture - - check it out if you want to treat yourself to some purpose-made flexible storage for your creative space. The UK supplier I used was Storage4Crafts.These boxes must be the ones with the plastic shelves and drawers as they were light enough for me to carry - I couldn't budge the others. I thought I would help the driver by unloading these myself, and everything was going well until I realised I had been trotting back and forth with only one button on my shirt done up so everything was hanging out (and I do mean hanging these days) - oh dear.

It was a very busy morning - first the Sainsburys order arrived promptly at 9am, followed closely by FEDEX with my craftroom, then Parcel Force with my new external hard drive (haven't worked out what to do with it yet) and a case of Naked Wines (ironically I kept my shirt done up for that one), then good old Nick the Postie with our LoveFilm DVDs and my Graze Box. My order from EveryCraftsAPound has been dispatched and should arrive on Friday.

Isn't it great how you can get the whole world delivered to your door? :o)

Watch this space - hopefully by this time next week I will be able to post a picture of my Beautiful Shiny New Workroom. And if any of my scrappy mates are reading this - there may even be a Grand Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (with cake, of course!)

Thanks for popping in

Annie x