My Beautiful New Workroom!

Hi everyone,

Well, after a very very busy bank holiday weekend I have finally Tidied My Room - with a lot of help from my lovely hubby John.

We got started clearing the room on Saturday morning and finished on Monday evening, by which time we were limping around like a couple of old crocks hurting in places you wouldn't even think of!

Here is a reminder of how the room looked before we started - check out the original post

It's amazing how the contents of that one small room managed to fill the entire bedroom and the bathroom and somehow it took a lot longer to put it all back!

And now I can shut the door and everything ...

Would you like a peek inside?

This unit has sloping paper shelves,
plus 1", 2" and 3.5" drawers.
On top you can see box albums
and a head full of hats

The storage units came from Storage4Crafts - see details on previous post - to my huge relief they fitted exactly where I had planned and we are delighted with the quality, so it was worth the wait. The instructions were not the best, but once you've done one unit it gets easier and we worked together very harmoniously - in fact we actually enjoyed it (couple of oddballs that we are).

There were also a couple of inexpensive shelf units from Sainsburys - these went together in less than half an hour and we were very impressed with the quality, the instructions and a clever little plastic widget that came with the fittings and is designed to help you place tacks accurately without hammering your thumb - excellent!

Here's a photo tour of the rest of the room

More drawers (which you can arrange as you like), plus my ancient storage boxes - I had SO MUCH STUFF in these! - and a stack of albums. The shelves on the right mostly hold photos, memorabilia, projects-in-waiting and alterable items.

This unit is called a "tuckaway" and is designed to tuck under the desk - which will be handy when my sons come to stay as there will now be enough roomfor a camp bed in here. In the RH corner is an old CD shelf unit which now houses mini books.
Desk with Hutch and everything close to hand
Finally, here is the gorgeous view out of my window (which I can now open!)

My IPod and an old Ghetto Blaster sit on the window ledge, so I can listen to music or Radio 4 whilst I'm working ( I love Woman's Hour, Desert Island Discs, Gardeners' Question Time ... oh dear, I really AM an old crock).

How lucky am I to have such an amazing creative space?! Very very lucky indeed :o)

This is a big event in my life and I have come up with a couple of fun ways to celebrate it with my scrappy mates both near and far away - it will take a couple of days to sort out, but it will be worth waiting for, so WATCH THIS SPACE! :o) xxx


Unknown said…
Wow, having been in the room as it was before, this is an amazing improvement! Good work.

As one of the sons mentioned in the post, I look forward to coming to stay, just so I can mess up such a neatly organised room. Paper in the wrong drawers, pens stored the wrong way up... all kinds of things to do!

I didn't see anything about lighting in there though. Do you not having any fancy lamps with bulbs that are brighter than the sun?
Annie Claxton said…
Well, funny you should mention the lighting ... it already seems brighter in there, but I would like to get a daylight bulb in the overhead fitting and a spotlight or something which I can fit to the desk. As well as helping me see what I'm cuttin and stickin, it would help when I'm trying to take photos.
And maybe I should fit a CCTV to catch phantom Pen Disorganisers Tom!
Bente Fagerberg said…
Oh my, I am in love with your new craft space and also let me say what an amazing husband you have to help you all the way!! Love the thoughts about a day light lamp too,that would be so helpful for better pics.
You make me want to go get myself a nice craft space too now ;-)
Perfect scrappy place! You lucky fish you!
roffeycreations said…
Just fantastic - I have seen the units at the craft shows - way outta my league - I would have to win them to own them LOL... Mxx
Unknown said…
How totally fantastic!! It's the perfect place for an OCD scrapper ;0) You lucky, lucky thing....what I wouldn't give to have all those drawers to rearrange and organise!! Very jealous, LOL :0)))
Helen Wallace said…
Oh my goodness - I thought Val Thorpe space was the bees knees, but this one would give her a run for her money. All those drawers, just make me drool. A gal can dream, I guess. TFS