A great day out with the KHC

Hi Everyone,

We had a fab day at the KHC yesterday - three of our regulars were away on hols, so we invited along some new faces and everyone got along famously as I knew they would.
Show'n'Tell was brilliant - Kate brought along a beautiful collection of her cross stitch work; Linda showed us the gorgeous christening dress which she knitted for Kate over thirty years ago; we even had scrap pages from Karen, who is famous for forgetting her show'n'tell! It was wonderful to see all the different things people had made - what a talented bunch!

photo courtesy of Karen
We had all sorts going on around the table - scrappin of course, plus tag making, cross stitch, sewing and knitting. It's just the best kind of day, sitting about doing something creative whilst chatting with friends and drinking coffee. The conversation ran from work and home, children, grandchildren and men (of course) to how best to bury a dead body in the garden and various encounters with jellyfish (don't ask!).

photo courtesy of Trina
And then of course there was a delicious lunch with a glass of wine, followed by more of the above and finally a couple more glasses in the bar before heading home (where my DH had spent most of the day doing the housework - perfect end to a perfect day!)

See you all again soon - don't forget to enter the giveaway (you have until 3rd July)

Annie :o)xxx