Happy Days ...

...are yours and mine - Happy Days! Who else remembers the Fonz heeeeyyyyy!?

I made this page for this week's case at CSI and was also inspired by Jennifer's Projects that WOW! classes which started on Monday.

Here's the CSI Case File 76 (click on the image to enlarge it)

Each week, CSI Mastermind Debbi Tehrani finds a new Scene for us to look into. From this image she draws inspiration for colour combinations, journaling prompts and design elements (CSI = Color, Stories, Inspiration)

In order to solve the case, you have to use the following clues

  • All five colours in the Scheme
  • At least two items of Evidence
  • At least one piece of Testimony

As it's the second week of the month, we also have a fab sketch from Emma Stafrace at Page Drafts to follow - I love Emma's sketches, they're so cool and together with these fun colours, I had a lovely time as you can probably tell!

CSI members can download a new set of CSI Coordinates each week to help solve the case. These are gorgeous printable images, pp and journaling spots designed by Michele Singh

The Scheme: I used all five colours, plus black and white which are allowed as extras
The Sketch: Loved it thanks Em!
The Evidence: Circles, frames, date/calendar accents, retro images
The Testimony: Part of my journaling is in the form of a record label; the IW "important" and "day" kicked me off; I also used the "save the date" prompt, thinking about the difference between a special date and an ordinary day.
  • The record label reads "These happy days are yours and mine - Christmas 2011"
  • Around the edge I've written "A special day - Our first married Christmas 2011 ... but every day with you is a happy one xs"
  • On the back I've written "These pictures were taken on our first married Christmas Day, but really this page is about all the little things which make up our everyday life together and how happy we are - I feel lucky every single day I share with you x"
Here is my evidence under the magnifying glass

I've also been inspired by Jennifer's WOW! prompts throughout this first week of classes - my head is full of ideas about layering, distressing, mixed media and all sorts - thanks Jennifer!
Here are a few more close-ups

Thanks for checking out my page, and don't forget to enter the giveaway before you go!
Cheerio for now :o)xxx


Jennifer Grace said…
This looks amazing Annie! I totally love it. Especially the twine circles, the misting, and the doodling around the frame. I have pinned this! I'm so glad you are enjoying the class. x