How Does my Garden Grow?

The poor garden has been a bit confoooozed this year with the erratic weather and lack of the usual attention I would be lavishing on it, but it's finally flourishing despite all that.

Here are a couple of the Stars of the Show - firstly, the strawberries YUM! We've had so many fruits and this year John has been going out morning and evening to pick them as soon as they're ripe - last year we lost over half of them to our various wildlife visitors, but this year we're getting a punnetful every single day.

A new venture for me is the globe artichoke - I love to eat these, but have never grown or even cooked one - aren't they spectacular?! Need to look up when to harvest them ...

The foxgloves I've been nurturing for two years were well worth the wait as well - this was taken a couple of weeks ago, before they really took off

Perennial sweet peas have survived John's efforts to tidy them up last year ...

And we have some more babies on the way for next year ... Hollyhocks!

And in the grounds the walnut tree is full of fruit this year (after being absolutely barren last year) and there is a HUGE tree which is full of cherries that we have never noticed before ... must have been Business As Usual for the bees this year :o)


Sandy said…
Your garden looks lovely - we have had so much rain that I am afraid our little garden will not do so well! I do love your name Arty Farty!!!! You are cute!
Treenie said…
Your garden grows right lovely lol! Can't wait to try those strawberries :) xx